Flashpoint Ahead! We Have Arrived At Condition Zebra – ‘When This Goes Down, It’s Going To Go Down Fast’

November 1, 2016

– Everybody Is ‘Cocked And Locked And Their Fingers Are Starting To Sweat’


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

With Hillary Clinton’s and the globalists lies now falling apart before the entire world’s eyes, the new story over at Zero Hedge points us in the direction all of this may be going with the title: “Conspiracy vs Government Is Elite Propaganda Justifying Violent Repression.” Within this new story we’re told ‘the rise of paranoid politics could make America ungovernable – and the FBI is fuelling the fire’. Informing us that more than 50% of Americans now believe ‘conspiracy theories’, we’re given this conclusion:

We are watching the emergence of a new, dangerous memes. Increasingly and forcefully, it is being argued that “government” is good and that the truths people have discovered about their lives and society are destabilizing to government, and therefore “bad.” The idea will be to use these memes to make a case for increased censorship and even, eventually, violent repression – and worse.

With most ‘awakened Americans’ still completely expecting the Clinton-crime-family to attempt to steal this election away from Donald Trump and the American people via rigging at the voting booths, the new story from Jeremiah Johnson over at SHTFPlan tells us that the United States government is now pre-positioning ‘enemy assets’ in preparation for this rigged election. And while at this time, we are unable to prove beyond any doubt that things are going to get very ugly here in America very soon, as we’ve reported previously, some believe there is a 95% chance of chaos and violence once the numbers are all tallied and a winner and a loser declared.

And as we hear from Steve Quayle in the final video below, we’re seeing more and more and more signs every day that the globalists are bringing their end game in and all it will take is one spark for things to go completely out of control. Warning us that we should all be preparing ourselves for possible war since NATO is preparing for war and Russia is preparing for war, it has been warned time and again, “when all else fails, they bring us to war”.


Sharing with us the meaning of the US Navy’s ‘Condition Zebra’, Quayle tells us it’s likely just a matter of time before we reach ‘the flashpoint’ as everybody is ‘cocked and locked and their fingers are starting to sweat’ and all it will take is one wrong move and instantly, everything changes.

We also get more evidence that the recent internet changeover here in America will likely be used to take down all communications and prevent real, truthful news from getting out to the American people as Quayle tells us his website has been consistently under attack. As many ANP readers know, both before and after the recent takedown of much of the internet back on October 21st, some very, very strange things have been happening online.

As Quayle asks us, how much longer will any of us have a voice? How much longer will he be able to link to important news stories online? How much longer will ANP be able to publish stories critical of government criminals? Remember, Matt Drudge warned Infowars back on May 31st that the death of free speech was happening now.

With cyber attacks already being used to take down banks, the internet and more, Quayle warns us why it’s so important to be prepared for all-out chaos and warns us, “when this goes down, it’s going to go down so fast.” As we hear in the 1st video below from the Wall Street Journal, America is totally unprepared for a widespread cyber attack.

Imagine waking up one morning to not only no internet, but no communications, widespread chaos in American streets and no way to get your money out of the bank, no way to use ‘plastic’ to buy food, and no answers in site. Are you prepared to survive for the next week, month, year or more without access to your bank account because its been drained by corporate criminals masquerading as cyber hackers? Are you prepared if the entire system comes crashing down?


How close are we really to ‘the end’? As we hear in the 2nd video below directly from the mouths of world leaders, a compilation video put together by The Connors Report, we are now sitting on the edge of what could be the most devestating war that the human race has ever known. Proving to us that there has never been a time in history where we’ve been more close to a widespread nuclear war, we hear from the mouths of both Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton news that our mainstream media does their best to avoid reporting. For if the masses knew their deaths were close, and they’d lose their families and loved ones in a war vs Russia to cover up Hillary’s crimes, they’d certainly rise up and take the war criminals down…legally, at the voting booth, of course.

Putin calls out the mainstream media talking heads, telling them that they don’t even feel the sense of impending danger and that worries him greatly… as it should worry us all. For if complete insanity, represented in this election by Hillary Clinton, is allowed to take control, we’ll no longer have a country and much of America will likely be a nuclear wasteland.

And as Steve Quayle tells us in the must-hear final video with the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, everyone’s future is now on the table as we countdown America and the world’s most dangerous hours.

In closing we take a look once again at Jeremiah Johnson’s warning over at SHTFPlan that the globalists are prepositioning assests across America in preparation for what’s coming down the line and why, despite the fact that the Clinton crime family has been outed in front of the entire world, the danger level has actually gone UP, not down, in America as we reach these final days.:

In summary, the U.S. is prepositioning its “enemy-assets” to blame – on what the administration does – for a collapsed election labeled as “rigged” or the suspension of the election for any number of reasons, real or illusory, such as a genuine attack the U.S. provokes or an attack the U.S. carries out on itself. Civil unrest and/or war are the escape hatches to bail out of the Constitution and to take control of the country…not letting either crisis go to waste. With civil unrest or a world war, the administration will be handed the country on a platter – indefinitely – and the election will be a moot point, whether it happened or not.



Source: http://allnewspipeline.com/Condition_Zebra.php



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