Farage bidding to be Trump’s ambassador to the EU

Appearing on LBC Radio, Mr Farage said: ‘Is he going to offer me a job? I’m hoping he might do.

‘He will be in need of a proper Eurosceptic ambassador in Brussels for the European Union. I would rather like that job.’

He added: ‘Being a foreigner will not disqualify me. As long as we can bring the EU down, it doesn’t matter how we do it.’

Mr Farage, who is serving as interim Ukip leader until next month, said he would do the job ‘very well’ having been an MEP in Brussels for nearly two decades.  

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‘This is bigger than Brexit!’ Giggling Nigel Farage can’t contain his delight at the prospect of President Trump – and he flies to America TODAY in a bid to be Donald’s ambassador to the EU

  • Farage has already thought of a role he could fill in a Trump presidency 
  • Interim Ukip leader says he’d do the job of Brussels ambassador ‘very well’
  • Tells ITV’s The Agenda show he’s booked flights for Wednesday morning

Nigel Farage hailed Donald Trump’s shock election victory as ‘bigger than Brexit’ this morning as he caught the first flight to America to congratulate his Republican ally.

The Ukip figurehead, who oversaw the first seismic political shock this year with his lead role in Britain’s exit from the EU, said it was another victory for the ‘little people’ protesting against the establishment.

He said Mr Trump’s presidency would be good for Britain, saying: ‘There’ll be a friend in the White House – someone who likes this country – rather than the Obamas and Clintons, who look down on us.’

Mr Farage, nicknamed ‘Mr Brexit’ by his friend Mr Trump, was all smiles as he watched the results come in at the US presidential election night party at the US embassy in London.

And as he laughed and joked with journalists this morning, he was already outlining a role he could fulfill: President Trump’s ambassador to the EU.

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Nigel Farage speaks to the media outside the US presidential election night party at the US Embassy in London earlier this morning 

Farage says current results of election are ‘bigger than Brexit’

Nigel Farage has helped Donald Trump in his campaign to win the presidency, joining him on stage in Jackson, Mississippi in August, pictured, where the Republican introduced the interim Ukip leader as 'Mr Brexit' 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3916422/I-want-Trump-s-ambassador-EU-Nigel-Farage-says-accept-job-Donald-wins-election-s-booked-flight.html#ixzz4PVnFMLKU
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