Drain The Mainstream Media Swamp!

They just do not let up. Despite UKIP-Corbyn-Brexit-Trump the fools in the mainstream media la-la land still do not get it. I’m glad they don’t get it. It makes for all kinds of fresh possibility for aspiring, open, curious minds to explore and express good ideas and better models of prosperity and constructive community functioning. I am enjoying this so much.
The latest is ‘fake news’ sources. It beggars belief, the presstitute BBC/CNN club are pointing the finger at alternative news outlets in an attempt to discredit them. From John Humphreys to Eddia Mair to Wolf Blitzer to Christiane Amanpour to John Stewrat to… a long long list of tired old tedious minds, they just do not get it. This is the brash and I supposed perceived ‘right-wing’ Paul Joseph Watson. Richie Allen frequently slates him. Oh well…
I guess it needs repeating ad nauseam, for those of you who loves labels and boxes, I do not subscribe to the left-right wings of anything. I do subscribe to common sense and a sense of humour is always welcome. Watson made me laugh…
The Truth About Fake News:

For a spot of background, this is the ‘moral higher ground’ Independent judging others….
Here’s a list of 133 fake news websites:
This is ‘alternative media’ commenting – Zero Hedge Targeted On Liberal Professor’s List of “Fake News” Sources:

For example, on the list is 21st Century Wire. Patrick Henningsen & co… Vanessa Beeley, Jay Dyer etc… deliver by far, better quality, better analysis, than the BBC & mainstream media in general, by a country mile….


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