CIA Insider Blows Lid Off Clinton Corruption As Angry Brits Talk ‘Civil Unrest’ And ‘Revolution’ After Globalists Try To Bury Brexit And The Will Of The People

November 3, 2016

– Is THIS What’s Coming To America?


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

If Americans and the world needed any more proof that we may soon be witnessing a SHTF situation, we get it straight from the UK where Brexit has been shot down, if only temporarily, by a High Court ruling that has not only thrown Brexit into chaos but has already gotten angry Brits talking ‘civil unrest’ and ‘constitutional crisis’.

While the US may soon have our own ‘Constitutional crisis’ to deal with if Hillary Clinton is soon indicted but not soon enough to stop her from being voted into the highest office of the land in America (thus PROVING America is completely insane), we see the will of the people in the UK being completely ignored by those who lord over them, the same globalist overlords who’ve been working for decades to take down America.

And with Brits talking civil unrest as seen in the highest rated comment from this Daily Mail story as seen below, we remember the words from the mouth of Rahm Emanuel who said “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” to see the direction that this is all going.


As we hear in the 1st video below from Michael Savage on his November 2nd show, talk of civil war is in the air here in America and as Savage is told by a CIA-insider who calls in, despite what many Americans might think, most of those who work inside the CIA and the NSA completely despise Hillary Clinton and support Trump, 85% by his estimate.

Proving to us how badly Clinton has already betrayed America, we’re told that many Americans now working overseas, especially those working in a covert capacity, may have had their lives put in danger as foreign intelligence agencies across the entire world likely were able to gain access to Hillary’s highly classified emails due to her carelessness. The fact that John Podesta warned Hillary to stop discussing sensitive information via email should have sent up a major red flag. Are the American people paying attention?

Completely blowing the lid off of ‘Clinton crime family’ corruption, the CIA insider confirms Wikileaks’ Julian Assange recent statement that it wasn’t Russia responsible for all of this bombshell information recently coming out on Wikileaks that would lead to the hanging of any ‘ordinary American’ but intelligence operators within the US who are working to make sure Hillary and the CCF fall.


With Donald Trump now the only real opposition between Hillary and a White House that could include a possible World War 3 against Russia that turns into nuclear annihilation for America and the deaths of millions of Americans within her first few months in office, we have to ask how a president who won a Nobel Prize for Peace could possibly back a war criminal with a body count that stretches from Benghazi to Belgium?

Have you gone totally insane, Barack Obama, or was more and more and more war your plan? Hasn’t there already been enough death in Syria and the Middle East on your watch? If you’re really backing Hillary, you should be ashamed of yourself.

How much blood does Donald Trump have on his hands? None that we know of. How about the blood on his hands compared to the hands of Hillary? And is it not bad enough that Hillary has the blood of American heroes on her hands? The fact that this administration would even think about letting her anywhere near the White House shows us exactly what  our politicians have become, cold blooded murderers. So….Hillary fits the globalist mafia’s bill.

And have the moral standards of Americans fallen so low that a majority of Americans would actually vote into the highest office of the land somebody that is so corrupt they admitted it themselves? If so, we have complete proof that America has gone insane and is headed for complete and total destruction if Hillary gets into the White House. As was recently blogged by Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams who weighed the differences between our two candidates in his ‘candidate risk assessment’ seen in the screenshots below, a ‘leader’ like Hillary is the last thing America needs.:

Here’s a quick summary of the other risks, organized by candidate. I’ll rank them from 1-10 with 10 being “drinks alcohol.”

trump_risks.PNG hitlery_risks.PNG

As we approach the final days before election 2016, ANP would like to thank the countless American heroes within our intelligence and law enforcement communities who will probably forever remain nameless and faceless for speakling out, leaking incriminating documents and doing the right thing for America. Should Donald Trump win in November and America make it to January without Obama and the globalists pulling off a ‘Brexit-like’ denial of Trump’s presidency, each and every one of you deserves the warmest thank you from America that you may never get. From ANP and our readers, we sincerely thank you.

Might Donald Trump and the ‘deplorables’ dodge the bullets of a countless number of globalists guns aiming straight at his and all of our heads? While we once reported that only the Will of God could keep Hillary out of the White House, we’re getting more and more indications every day that He is indeed working in His mysterious ways.


With Americans nationwide ready to drain the DC swamp, the fact that NYPD insiders are blowing the whistle on new Hillary emails, claiming not only money laundering but the vilest of all ‘pay to play’ schemes to go along with perjury, proves America has arrived at its ‘most dangerous hour’ with US Patriots coming out of the woodwork to do their best to make sure the CCF falls.

And to see politicians such as Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and other ‘progressives’ now distancing themselves from Clinton gives us hope that maybe America will indeed come to its sanity before its too late.


To take back America from the most widespread and mass corruption that we’ve ever seen, it will take the ‘Trump Democrats’ who long ago grew disgusted with Clinton along with the ‘deplorables’ across America together to send a loud and resoundingly clear message to the globalists. Imagine the message a Trump slandslide would send.

The fact that a rather large number of nameless, faceless American heroes have come forth to spread truth as America faces our most dangerous hours with the most evil ‘crime family’ America has ever faced in politics only days away from being voted into the White House speaks volumes.

As Savage tells us, America may be on the verge of civil war. We pray that moment never comes.

We also pray that ‘America’s next revolution’ takes place at the voting booth on Tuesday in a peaceful manner as America begins the long and tedious process of draining the DC swamp.

As we hear in the 2nd video below, a brand new Donald Trump advertisement, if Hillary Clinton is unfit to even handle her own classified emails, exposing a countless number of American public servants to possible danger, Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead America. If she wins the presidency in just days, America will have proven it deserves to go down with her.

While this entire 1st video is well worth listening to with Savage once again on fire and ripping the corruption within the Clinton Foundation and parts of this govt to shreds, the CIA insider joins Savage at the 24 minute 30 second mark.

As the Tweets below from the Twitter account of Hector Morenco suggest, this may be America’s very last chance to set things straight.




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