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Betting our life savings

on thieves who will steal it

By John Kaminski

Are you ready for Trump World? Place your bets? The house is bankrupt, so it will try to take everything you have. But the world has always been this way. Everyone’s purpose is to seize the prize, no matter what gets destroyed.

Our new president Donald Trump has prospered by practicing the dark art of bankruptcy. Like any good customer who got caught in the addiction of gambling fever at his now-closed casinos, we cling to the desperate hope he will make us all rich with his bankruptcy magic act.

Buy everything on credit, so they can keep proper track of you. The Bolsheviks are now your bankers who will permit you to bleed for as long as you can produce, after which you become mulch for the millionaires

We are now all customers at the newest Trump casino, good ole Rancho Grande USA, and our odds of winning are just about as long as they are — or were — at any of his shuttered gambling palaces. They bear a striking resemblance to our own financial condition. Boobytrapped by derivatives and other criminal schemes, the emaciated economy is ready to implode in a world changing paroxysm of busted scams.

Despite the decision of the electorate, the jury is still out on whether Trump’s presidency will usher in the death of the United States or lead to a new golden age of peace through Jewish control. You may realize the space between the two does not exist.

Using shortsighted Democratic airheads, the Jewish oligarchs fund these sporadic exhibitions of violence to destabilize both progress and security as a preliminary to reducing their client states to the condition of Palestine. Seen France lately?

Domestic al-Qaeda

The media that kept telling us Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls now tell us that spontaneous riots are developing all over the country in protest of Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president. Smart people finger financier George Soros for underwriting the caper.

Doubtless these are the same goons who during the Democratic National Convention were hired to fill the otherwise empty seats and cheer the boring blather of Crooked Hillary.

And after the revelation that Soros funded the Ferguson race riots, we know there is a potent force with more money than God objecting to anything that increases the power of individuals and decreases the power of the state.

When the state is all powerful individuals have no voice. We are trending dangerously close to this reality. Where are the stars who champion justice? Where are senators who use the words honor and fidelity and really mean them?

Trump’s experience is with bankruptcy, casinos, and real estate. Right now, the entire world is a fire sale property — a bankrupt casino with no selling points other than cheating the gullible and “accidentally” mass murdering innocent people.

The Donald is a great salesman. He will trying to convince the world, through appealing reason and clever strategies that the world will prosper from a One World Jewish Peace.

How many millions have already died in the attempt to impose this idea on the whole world?

Reversal of fortune

When I was a child in the 1950s, the whole objective of society seemed to be to help everyone find something worthwhile to do by building up your store of knowledge and observing how other successful people built their very functional lives. At least that was the perspective through my young eyes, before the technocrats polluted my vision with propagandistic prose and electronic gimmicks.

But the situation has darkened considerably.

Now everyone has Lotto fever and is trained to get themselves into position for the quick jackpot. The success stories convince us by the examples of people like Michael Milken to go for the big score no matter what the hazards, because even if you get caught and thrown in jail, if your crime is creative and bodacious enough — and if you’re as well connected as Jon Corzine, the former New Jersey governor who bilked his clients out of billions and got away with it — you’ll become famous and untouchable as long as you pay off the corrupt court system to look the other way.

This cancer has metastasized to such an extreme degree that a fake Conservative political hack named Newt Gingrich is actually being considered for the position of Secretary of State, meaning there will be no change from the days when Hillary Clinton held that position, and the United States assault on the rest of the world at the behest of Israel is likely to increase toward total war rather than diminish toward the sanity of peace our leaders talk about as they bomb country after country in search of a lasting Jewish peace for the unfortunate world.

So Trump might be the perfect president and bankruptcy expert to extract us from this troubling issue of a $20 trillion deficit.

You can bet your life on it — in fact, you already have.

The game is fixed and you can’t win. Unless you sign on to the program as an expendable underling.

America is a closed casino in which they take your money and you don’t get it back. They spend most of it on weapons and other foolish things, but the rest is consumed by broker commissions, the portentous weight of which is destroying the world.

Just the way the Jews planned it. Their tendency is to rule over burned out graveyards, which they prefer, in their sickness, to inhabit. Once there, the government must keep us worried to prove it is necessary.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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