Branson truth virgin’ on exposure


The Branson narrative is seductively put together.  A young man with no money or experience launches a national magazine for Students that manages one issue before closing down.  He trades records importing them, but ‘dodging’ VAT.  He is never convicted.  He launches a music business located in an Oxfordshire manor house, hitting the big time with one of his first artists Mike Oldfield. He surges to billionaire status in an industry known to be overrun by the Illuminati and controlled individuals.  He then sells up and launches an Airline, somehow persuading the government to grant him equal numbers of slots as British Airways at Heathrow, then the busiest airline in Europe.

Likewise after the railway privatisation, he is awarded plumb railway franchises.  He launches endless other attempts to capitalise and build on the Virgin name – e.g. Cola, banking services, mobile phone etc etc.

He manages to buy an island formerly a British colony.  It’s as if he gets sweet treatment from government no matter what he does.

Next he lands NHS privatisation contracts, and looks to his next billion to be made by landing government contracts  and privileged positions in this newly privatised sector.

He sets up to oppose Rupert Murdoch who’s advocating Brexit, with Branson offering to campaign for a new referendum alongside Blair.

OK he has some endearing qualities, and physical courage- (endearing qualities?  what are those exactly?!!!)

But he just has to be an insider.


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