Bill Mitchell Show: e.g. of Alternitive Media Defeating The Mainstream

The Trump victory – it is amazing how the alternative media has taken over the influence of the mainstream…. here’s an example: Bill Mitchell: Your Voice radio:

I’ve only recently discovered Bill Mitchell. Hey, I’m an English country bumpkin… why would I know who the hell Bill Mitchell is?
Bill kept calm the night of the election. He analyses polls. He was calling for a Trump victory long ago, based on his poll analysis and contacts.

This is his post-election victory show….
President Trump Victory Party! (11/9) “Roundtable Experiences”
45 mins in… cabinet announcements from Jack the Trump insider (whatever that might legitably mean…)
“… we hear from the inner circle, Mr. Trump has a list:
the people who were supportive
the people who were not
…. at the same time he understands you have to govern the entire nation.
You guys work with Mike Pence, he’s my chief operating officer, he’s going to work out the details
I’m going to be in DC one week in a month, I’m going to spend the rest of the time around the country and around the world championing America.”

Bill wants Jeff Sessions to be the majority leader.

Chris Christie should take over Michelle Obama’s fitness programme!… meanwhile, back at the ranch!

Trump is keen on Newt Gingrich – NPP: oh dear….

NPP thoughts:
Rudy Giuliani? 9/11 inside job insider.
Chris Christie? Colombian marching powder fatboy liar.
Newt Gingrich? You can’t be serious!

US election 2016 results: Meet President Trump’s possible cabinet:
They want to see follow up for ‘Lock her up’. But, they think Obama will pardon her. The investigation will lead to Obama, so Obama will pardon her.
Clinton’s speech was so gracious – she wanted to score browny points.

Bill Mitchell is so upbeat, non aggressive, but forthright. The ‘left’ are so bitter and nasty by comparison…

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2 Responses to “Bill Mitchell Show: e.g. of Alternitive Media Defeating The Mainstream”

  1. Chris B says:

    No, it was actually just a case of the Zionist propaganda masters winning yet again. The only difference is that this time, they employed a new medium – the ‘alt’ media.

  2. NPP says:

    Whether Zionists, Jesuits, establishment made up of whatever and whomever, the alterntive media is surpassing the mainstream. The figures and results of recent years show this.

    I would be cautious of putting labels on everyone or people into specific boxes… no one tells me what to do or write, though I may be unwittingly directed or nudged as we all may be…

    I suspect there is an organic free thought movement and it is manifesting via the internet, thank goodness, becasue th mainstream verge on the useless.

    There is possibily always anoter master above the perceievd master. We can be positive and light regardless.

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