Beware alt news stories that sound likely to be true but are not proven

Huge story on the web that might be true:

Monica Petersen, a woman who according to her friends who are searching for answers, was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from “suicide” in Haiti

I thought it would be hoax news. On the surface, it does not look like it. Monica Petersen had a friend named Bella Robinson who has confirmed that Monica was investigating child trafficking under front cover of a “gold mine” in Haiti that was affiliated with Hillary’s brother. Monica was a truther, who wrote this blog post. I have confirmed that Monica really did have at least loose ties to the Human Trafficking Center, which investigates child thefts and that the Clintons really were likely to have been running a child trafficking ring under the cover of a false front gold mine in Haiti. However, the Child Trafficking Center has yet to comment on this. Monica’s family has not been able to get any details, but Bella claims to have information and is refusing to give the details on how Monica “committed suicide” saying instead that “it is inappropriate to post it” and to message her. So we have a key source of info who probably voted for Clinton that just can’t get a grip on the fact that if this is real she had better blow it open now, or she’s going to be dead too.

People are speculating that Monica was killed after Hillary lost because she was onto something and was going to land the Clintons in jail once they lost the protective cover under Trump. However, people also need to be cautious because the globalist Jewish community is seeding alt media with fake leads and stories for the sole purpose of creating a reason to smash alt media and call it fake news. Therefore, as real as this may look, people need to proceed with caution.


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