BBC Let Slip Comment On Bill Clinton: “He was a disgusting man.”

Yes, every now and then a little gem slips out on the BBC. Last Sunday night on BBC R5 Live was such a moment.


Jane Garvey and Peter Allen bring you the verdict on the week’s news and predictions for the week ahead. Including “Good Week, Bad Week” where a panel of guests look back at the week’s triumphs and disasters.

…. they were discussing ‘fake’ news… as if the BBC is the moral standard bearer of accurate news. Peter Allen apparently sincerely believes the BBC take a good look from both sides of any argument. Peter Allen lives on a different planet to me.

Anyway, they had Alexander Nekrassov, described as a former adviser to the Kremlin. His twitter page says:
“Former adviser to the rich and powerful. Occasionally comment on world affairs on the box. Do a bit of comedy and satire to compensate their lack in mainstream.”
I was not aware of Alexander Nekrassov, who he is or where he stands on the political divide, but his comments were priceless.

I do not know how to capture sound bite from such a BBC link, but have transcribed some of the commentary… if anyone does know how to capture this segment, please do.
57mins in …
“The reason Woman’s Hour is essential is because there still aren’t enough women running programmes…. “,

NPP: Blah blah blah. Already my nose for social justice warrior alert is twitching.

Then, comes the Trump-Clinton commentary initiated by Trump recently interviewing potential US Defence Secretary, Marine Corps General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis…
Allen: “He loves reading, unlike Mr. Trump…”
NPP: …. ah yes, nice little dig from Peter to remind us how stupid Trump is compared to our erudite BBC presenters perhaps.
Nekrassov: “Trump is not very clever, but he’s very cunning. He’s throwing those names at journalists and he’s testing the waters…. Trump out-witted the media brilliantly; he made them write about him and not pay a penny.”
NPP: So this is mere cunning? No sense of Trump being clever?

Allen: “What do you think of him? Are you worried by him?”
Nekrassov: “They were both not very good.”
Allen: “Is one slightly more dangerous than the other perhaps?”
Nekrassov: “Hillary Clinton was very dangerous…”

NPP: I can hear off-mic sniggering – as if to infer, you can’t be crazy enough to think Clinton worse than the hideous Trump, can you?

Nekrassov: “There’s a misconception that Bill Clinton was a great President…. my brother was his translator and he told me stories about him which I can’t tell on air. He was a disgusting man. His administration was horrible. The most corrupt administration in the history of America was Bill Clinton’s. Hillary was beside him all the time… if I had to pick, I would pick Trump…. because the Clinton’s were absolutely hideous., both of them”

NPP: Wow! Hey Alexander, why don’t you write a book or at least be interviewed on a platform where you can air what your brother told you?

Jane Garvey: “Rescue us from this one then Peter..”

NPP: Jane’s worried. Some one is actually defending the racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, Death Eater Trump

Allen: “A very reasoned point of view that doesn’t necessarily find favour with the majority of the panel here I suspect..”

NPP: Peter laughs it all off and let’s move on rather than explore what might just have been said. Of course, Alexander is Russian and, therefore, totally unreliable unlike the BBC; Farnk Gardner; John Simpson; Lyse Ducet; John Humphreys; Kate Adie… zzzzzzz

The BBC just do not get it and women still, incredibly, deem the Clinton’s favourably to Trump. The world is mad. John Lamb Lash’s translation of the Nag Hammadi texts suggesting an inversion of truth sits ever more fitting with time.

Hey Peter Allen! Here’s an article on fake news by Patrick Henningsen:
Washington Post Sloppy ‘Journalism’ Blames Russia for “Fake News” Crisis and Trump’s Win, While Pushing Neo-McCarthyism:

Washington Post Sloppy ‘Journalism’ Blames Russia for “Fake News” Crisis and Trump’s Win, While Pushing Neo-McCarthyism



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