Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network


[ Note: This article is based on police investigatory reports… personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women. The story itself has major credibility; and the facts presented here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, LE and private in the USA, UK and other nations. PJ]

Australian 60 Minutes published a story that 60 Minutes (America) would never dare touch. In America and the UK, the Pedophile Network controls high ranking Pedophile politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA and top Law Enforcement.

Case in point, Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Saville.

Case in point, Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Savile

This has made it almost impossible to get the truth out to the populace about the presence and penetration of this worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network.

Those editors of the major mass media and elected or appointed officials that are not part of it or compromised by it realize that to try and expose it results in an immediate loss of their job, their retirement, and they will be blacklisted and perhaps even have their lives threatened.

Notwithstanding all these strong suppression forces in the past, not only was the CIA’s Franklin Credit Union pedophile scandal exposed by the Washington Times, but the finders scandal was exposed by US News and World Report.

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And, despite those highly public exposures, the Major Mass Media failed to promote those important stories; and the stories died out, with no corrective actions by federal LE, which we now know is dirty to the core, because its own leaders are fully compromised by this Pedophile Network.



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  1. bluefeather says:

    So many have participated, observed and followed orders – there are so many to arrest, investigate and punish for crimes against babies, children, teens and adults.
    With the reality that many of the satanic, pedophile, criminals are actually heading and fronting organisations that are meant to help victims and bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice – where do people go to? To talk about Fiona Barnett, the Hampstead Children, Pizzagate, and many other atrocities is not enough, and the response is usually that of disbelief or that the other person would think or say, why do you want to read that stuff – it’s so negative and there’s nothing you can do about it. Where there is apathy and denial, they are giving permission and consent for it to continue. children going missing on a vast scale globally – where are they going?
    News of investigations happen occasionally in the MSM – but who gets prosecuted?

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