Assange and His Coworkers Disappeared Except for One Who Risks His Life. Wikileaks Dead Man´s Releases Ready, Revealing Horrible Elitist Paedophilia and Intelligence Drug Trade for Black Operations

From Imgur:

Julian Assange and 14 of his co-workers were raided by the CIA and the GCHQ UK Government Communications Headquarters) and have disappeared. The author of the below was gagged – but now risks his life telling what happened.

Below: A Steve Jackson Illuminati card.


He tells that Assange & coworkers are no longer in control of Wikileaks.
He dissuades whistleblowers to contact Wikileaks, as this can be used to bring them in trouble.

He tells about  prominent persons in France, Italy and China being implicated in the pedophile  Clinton Foundation ring exploitation of children in Haïti and the UK – as proven by hundreds of thousands of e-mails.

He tells that prominent people in France, Italy and China are involved in the the pedophile Clinton Foundation´s abuse of children in Haiti and the United Kingdom, as evidenced by hundreds of thousands of emails.
(See Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” – a flying brothel of underage girls – scores of times used by Bill Clinton – Fox News  13 May 2016, and The Daily Mail 13 May 2016. Also, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew  are put down in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book!).

This terrible video testifies to this Satanism.

Wikileaks has proof of the drug market being controlled by intelligence agencies to fund black activities.

Wikileak´s information is derived from the FBI, the New York City Police Dept., Interpol, the NSA (at war with the CIA), the Scotland Yard and more.

Well, this may be true – or it may be an attempt by the intelligence services to stop whistleblowers. Anyway, they seem to have silenced Assange & Co.


















































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