An Honest Conversation About Nostradamus

TAP, so there I was, here I am, watching paint dry, working till I listen to Arsenal play tonight, log fire on the go, lucky me, winter dark night outside, the BBC R4 PM programme pushing a very boring right wing Nazi angle on the Jo Cox murderer (hmmm…. that case sounds, feels, something not right…), so eventually turned off the BBC and went back to a so-so Stefan Molyneux interview with a member of the global public.
Stefan has now reached 500,000 subscribers and pushed for Trump; a Canadian who is now recognised and congratulated for his part in the Trump win.

This is not a 5 minute post. This is not quick fix nor soundbite, but if you just fancy a listen to two blokes talking about, sort of meaning of life stuff, then this has a moment about halfway through that makes you go ah, that was nice… you have to go through the whole lot to experience and appreciate. Usually, this would be too vague, too abstract, not to the point enough to post, but… the caller is very patient, polite, humble and about halfway through kind of let’s it all hang out in a very understated manner. It was a tad emotional. So, only for those of you with a spare hour and up for a slow burn.

This is the comment I left under the video:
“Stefan, what a call that was…. I paint and listen, UK. I was close to stopping and going elsewhere half way through, but then it went to another level. Thank you Stefan and the caller. This is what my taxpayer funded BBC is not!”

So, I thought I’d share it on TAP.

P.S. Stefan even commented back ‘Thank you’. You don’t get that from Eddie ‘BBC’ Mair – indeed, the bastard has blocked me from his Twitter account. Mind you, I was hardly complimentary about his presstitute inclinations.


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