All 17 US Intelligence Agencies Say Hillary Must Go. US Military Are Ready To Back them Up.




Alex Jones interviews Dr Steve Pieczenik.

Military Will Stand Up Against Hillary And Obama If They Have To

So the source of the Wikileaks e-mails is all 17 US intelligence agencies, not Putin. Steve Pieczenik, who leaked this, is a top insider and US government specialist in psychological warfare. He mentioned Saudi Arabia as Abedin’s controller. However he also briefly mentioned Israel, (which controls Saudi Arabia). The NYPD have just raided the Clintons and found evidence of a massive children’s sex slave racket connected to Jeff Epstein – so Hillary can expect more shocks on this new front. The intelligence agencies support Trump and will push to get Hillary to stand down. If she doesn’t there will be arrests of her entourage and they will  support Trump’s campaign for mass protests to reject the rigged election. Trump has turnouts far in excess of Clinton’s. He can pull 50,000. Jim Stone has shown that George Soros has already rigged the voting machines in the swing states, so George may finally get arrested. In Israel Netanyahu’s days are numbered. This is another American Revolution. it will soon have ramifications in London. I believe this is massive. The NWO is on the skids. Meanwhile the UK’s controlled media continues to live in lalaland. – Gordon Logan




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  1. ian says:

    I do hope the shit will finally hit the fan for NWO, though I’ll not be holding my breath. I saves being too disappointed.


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