A Filipino fears the return of dictatorship as Marcos Junior is on the verge of securing the Vice Presidency

Yesterday, the Supreme Court voted in favor of allowing Ferdinand Marcos to be re-buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (heroes’ cemetery).   Durterte or DU30 as he’s called planned with the Marcos Family to have Ferdinand Marcos re-buried while he & his Cabinet are on a trip to Peru to attend the APEC Meeting so that they wouldn’t have to attend the burial since there’s been a LOT of opposition from those who suffered or had family members jailed, tortured or killed during the Tyrant’s  20 yr reign.
With orders from Du30, his Military &  the Marcoses  sneaked the burial without letting the press or other groups know about it to avoid the many protesters that have been protesting the burial ever since Du30 announced he was for it/  Like a thief in the night, Marcos stole big time in Life & Death.  They deliberately rushed the re-burial before the Supreme Court might have overturned their decision since the anti-Marcos group filed a motion for reconsideration.
Bong Bong Marcos, son of Ferdinand, electioneering for the Vice Presidency in May 2016.  The voting machines were rigged (Smartmatic controlled by Soros) to stop him winning.  His legal challenge to the vote is before the Supreme Court, and could well succeed.  
Of course the rubber stamp Supreme Court that seems so eager to please the new Dictator or simply fear his blood thirsty ways have not only approved Marcos’s burial but within 1 week after Du30 was in office immediately dismissed Gloria M. Arroyo’s graft & corruption cases against her.  You know I didn’t vote for Du30, bur I supported his much-needed reforms, except for his methods of attacking drug suspects which unfortunately has resulted in extra judicial killings done by the protectors ( crooked police, military & politicos) of drug pushers & drug lords.  But as things unfold, more & more, many fear that we’re heading for having another Dictator –  Du30 has recently threatened to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus, which is what Marcos did when he declared Martial Law.  Ay naku, I hope & pray we don’t have another Marcos-like dictator who idolizes Marcos.
I’m afraid we can’t turn back the sands of time when we were teenagers & Life was simple, uncomplicated & straightforward before the onslaught of the Marcos era was thrown at us & before we could do anything about it.  And now, it seems that people voted for who they thought would be our “Savior” without knowing that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing  – well he never was sheepish but most people didn’t realize he idolized Marcos & wants to be friends with other Dictators like Putin & Xi Jin Ping !
I can understand that in our current situation w/ China, Du30 is being pragmatic & realizes that we could never be able to fight a David & Goliath war with China – besides the USA isn’t likely to come to our defense since with Trump, the US will be focusing on their domestic problems instead being the “policemen of the world “.  But why be friends with Putin who is the Int’l. Bad Boy of Europe who makes no bones about killing his opponents & critics. Du30’s hatred for the US is leading him into dangerous waters that he’ll drag the Phil. into.  This ” club” that Du30 wants to get into is bizarre & DANGEROUS !  Well, maybe the CIA will get him before Trump stops them from finishing him off   Or maybe better yet, some disgruntled anti-Marcos person or his/her relative who was tortured & jailed or killed by Marcos will take up the cudgels for all the anti-Marcos protesters –  there are many & growing with every dirty move  Du30 does, will sacrifice him/herself & finally get rid of this fast-growing menace to our society. Why couldn’t he just stick to carrying out the much-needed  reforms without giving favors to the Marcoses & to Gloria M. Arroyo ?  Well, he’s showing his true colors, so let’s wait & see how long he lasts.
No more news on the Marcos incident but for sure the anit Marcos group is thinking of what they can still do.  Sen. Francis Pangilinan, who’s married to singer/actress Sharon Cuneta & who belongs to the opposition Liberal Party has said, ” they may have lost this battle, but ultimately NOT the War, because the Marcoses & Du30 are on the wrong side of History”.  They may focus on preventing Bongbong Marcos from becoming Vice Pres. as his protest is still to be decided by the Electoral Tribunal, whose Chairman is one of the Supreme Court Justices appointed by Pres. Ninoy Aquino & was one of 5 justices who voted against the burial.  So there’s some hope yet.  Even if Bongbong looses his protest for the VP position, for sure he’ll run for Pres. in the next Election in 2022, so the anti Marcos group have some time to prevent him from ever becoming President as that would be disastrous for the Phil.
The thing is, that the poor victims of the Marcos tyranny have NOT gotten the Closure they deserve.  The small amounts that the gov’t. confiscated or recovered from the few cases they won against the Marcoses isn’t enough to assuage the families of their victims, whIch are thousands in number.  There’s such a thing as Retribution & Restitution so until Justice is done, NO AMOUNT OF TIME OR POLITICAL PATRONAGE CAN ERASE WHAT THE MARCOSES DID TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE !
 Why, after 30 yrs. since his ouster, have the family & heirs of Marcos NOT returned even part of the Billions of Dollars they plundered from the country?  Because it would have been an Admission of Guilt & they even refuse to Apologize for the same reason.  They could have  set up a Foundation in which they could have funneled some of their loot to benefit not only their victims but set up programs to alleviate the Poverty we have like more schools, hospitals, etc.  But  NO, they did none of this so they don’t deserve any Sympathy.
Still Numb,
TAP.  One problem is that the Filipinos voted for Marcos to be Vice President and the election was quite clearly rigged against him using the voting machinery to do so.  Democracy demands that he become the VP and not Robredo, who was levered into the Vice Presidency by Smartmatic (Soros).  DU30 (Duterte) can clearly see that if Robredo secures VP, his existence will become a lot less safe.  The CIA are not beyond assassinating leaders who act in the interests of the Philippines against World Government.  Marcos as VP makes DU30 more secure.  Marcos’ father was a vile dictator, but he stood up for the Philippines against Wall St, refusing to sign the Peso into the US$, or hand over the country’s natural resources to bankers.  The CIA, as a result, operated against him as they are now starting to operate against DU30.  There are other dimensions to this situation that should be considered. 
As for pardoning and releasing Gloria Macapagal, I am sure that current political realities override the requirement to seek justice for past crimes.  As President DU30 needs to get all sections of society behind him.  He’s fighting drugs using the only effective method yet known to the world – killing all the dealers.  There are 3 million drug addicts in the Philippines.  Drugs came in via the US to begin with, now from China.  By talking to China, as he is doing, DU30 can not only avoid war.  He can also get the drugs cartels placed under pressure as part of a deal.  
DU30 sees Putin not as a killer of his opponents (what evidence is there?), but as a highly effective political and military operator – one who can see off NATO and the US from his territory.   DU30 wants to do exactly that himself, as he knows the US/CIA is behind Islamic terror in his home province in Mindanao, and elsewhere in the Philippines.  The above writer is from the more privileged section of Filipino society who lost heavily under the Marcos era.  Many ordinary Filipinos still see Ferdinand Marcos as someone who spent money on them, on schools, hospitals, roads and infrastructure.  Yes he looted the wealth of the better off people.  Not exactly Robin Hood, but at least someone who tried to stand up to the Sherriff in the US, kept the country a lot more independent that it would be otherwise today, while handing out a few crumbs to the masses.

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