Wikileaks Releases Another 3,183 Podesta Emails In Part 10 Of Data Dump; Total Is Now 15,256

by Tyler Durden Oct 17, 2016

We wondered if Wikileaks would take a break after the FBI released 100 pages of 302s earlier today, to avoid thinning the focus on its own releases. The answer, it turns out, was no.

In a now familiar daily routine, one which forces the Clinton campaign to bring up ever starker sexual scandals involving Trump to provide a media distraction, moments ago Wikileaks released yet another roughly 3,183 emails in Part 10 of its ongoing Podesta Email dump, which brings the total number of released emails to 15,256.

As a reminder some of the recent email drops have produced revelations about Hillary Clinton and her campaign, including strategies to court black voters and billionaire donors, full transcripts of Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs in which she avoided criticizing Wall Street and discussions about how to “frame” information for “news hyenas.”

With another 35,000 or so emails left until election day, we expect the emergence of another Trump “sexual assault” accuser to emerge momentarily.



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The Podesta Emails



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  1. Nollidge says:

    OH DEAR!. Poor Mr. Podesta. He got involved with the Clintons. Did he not know about their practice of “throwing under the bus”. Or,in extreme cases,”Arkancide” ?.He’s been a political operative for 50 years & he seriously did not know that to get yourself involved with the Clintons is disaster?.

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