Watch This Incredible Video And Decide For Yourself: Did Hillary Clinton Cheat At The Last Debate By Using An Embedded Tablet Device In Her Podium?

Mac Slavo
October 26th, 2016

New Wikileaks documents show that Hillary Clinton, in association with the mainstream media, was given debate questions ahead of time. It’s also been rumored that the former First Lady may have used an ear piece at one of the debates, giving her a significant advantage.

Last week footage of the final Presidential debate began circling the internet and showed that Clinton may have been using some sort of screen at her podium. While many dismissed this as a lighting effect, an investigation by Piper McGowin at The Daily Sheeple suggests that Hillary may have actually been using some sort of tablet device.

The following video will leave little doubt that something just wasn’t right at the last debate. As you’ll see, Hillary, who claims she was merely taking notes, was actually reading directly off of the podium, almost as if someone was feeding her answers and bullet points.

Moreover, and quite damning, the notes Hillary was supposedly taking were were being written down with a pen that didn’t have a tip on it. So, either she wasn’t taking notes, or, she was using a stylus on an electronic device.

Watch this incredible video and decide for yourself.

(Watch directly at Youtube)

For an extensive breakdown of the Wikileaks notes that add further legitimacy to the claims that Hillary’s podium is loaded with cheat-tech, we encourage you read Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Can’t Speak for Very Long Without a Podium

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Author: Mac Slavo
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Date: October 26th, 2016

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2 Responses to “Watch This Incredible Video And Decide For Yourself: Did Hillary Clinton Cheat At The Last Debate By Using An Embedded Tablet Device In Her Podium?”

  1. Nollidge says:

    That is NOT Hilliary Clinton. That woman is 20 pounds lighter,has no colostomy bag or massive adult diapers to cover up the fact that the real Hilliary has no bowel or bladder control,& Trump should have suspected this from the start.

  2. Human says:

    That is her, besides, when since has any of them spoken for themselves, from their heart… never. All of their speeches are scripted and composed by spin ‘doctors’. Delivered by either ear piece or text somehow or other, maybe even hypnotic trigger or similar?!
    Their minds are so entrenched narratively they wouldn’t know what to say unless it were not scripted for them.

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