Voting For The Vagina?

Last night I listened to BBC 1 Question Time. What a bunch of idiots; so out of touch, so uninformed, so useless… I watched this Thomas Sheridan YouTube video this morning. It made me smile. The impostors pretending to have my and my community’s best interests at heart are the establishment… and Co2 climate change is a bloody lie!!! I do not want fracking or more planes at Heathrow either, but Ken Loach – stick to making your depressing films, collecting your baubles and shut-up about man made climate change you twerp. Ask David Bellamy, Johnny Ball, Christopher Monckton (arrogant so and so, but…), Dr. Don Easterbrook or Piers Corbyn, a man who gets paid to forecast weather, regardless of what silly billy presstitute George Monbiot says… now to the smile:

8.58mins from Thomas Sheridan: Sanders Supporters Will Vote for Trump:

“I think that just about all these Sanders supporters will give their vote to Trump, and here’s why. These people are not going to be duped into voting for a psychopathic mass murdering, serial rapist protector and criminal like Hillary Clinton just because she’s not a republican or because she’s a woman. Yes, she will get people voting for her because she has a vagina. Voting for Hillary Clinton because she has a vagina is exactly the same as voting for Adolf Hitler because he was Aryan; it’s driven by the same mind set….

Hillary Clinton is probably the most dangerous human being in a position of high political power since Joseph Stalin.
We have all the toe rags of the American establishment – Glen Beck, Huffington Post, Michael Moore – going after Trump non-stop. This shows how terrified the political machine, both democrats and republicans, are of him…

Just like Brexit in the UK, the people got, for the first time in their lives, the chance to vote against the establishment. They did it. They rattled the establishment to the point where they are still going on about whether Brexit should be cancelled.
The British establishment media, who are still saying Brexit should be re-done or ignored, are the ones making fun of Trump for Trump saying he wouldn’t trust a Hillary victory because they’d probably be election fraud…. that’s the irony of the corporate… singular entity that flaps with two wings. Trumps hopped on one wing and now he’s jumping on the back of the creature and steering it his own way.

It’s fascinating to watch the sheer visceral terror of the spokespersons in the mainstream media on Trump. Glen Beck and Michael Moore are weak failed men who would not survive in a non-establishment world… like cult leaders who could not survive outside the cult. They are all in a cult. The cult is the establishment. Anything that is a threat to this artificial construct that keeps them alive, they become terrified and frightened like a rat backed into a corner and this is why Trump is being subject to the most insane psychological and psychic attacks… and the propaganda is useless.

What’s the worst he’s said – grab some-one by the pussy – compared to Hillary Clinton who when told Gadhafi had been annually raped by a bayonet and murdered without trial, she on live TV said, “We came, we saw, he died.”

I think the swing vote will be Sanders voters who would rather die than put Hillary Clinton in the White House.
We live in an age where groping a woman is considered by the establishment media to be worse than genocide.”

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6 Responses to “Voting For The Vagina?”

  1. edbutt says:

    As a colleague said in as recent post on Boggart Abroad, “This blog can’t understand why the candidate’s genitals should be a factor in the election, after all, in every election from 1988, Americans have voted to put a cunt in The White House.”

  2. Human says:

    no submit

  3. Human says:

    “Hillary Clinton is probably the most dangerous human being in a position of high political power since Joseph Stalin”.

    Hillary is a front line puppet like the rest, no more dangerous than all her predecessors including her husband, not to mention the inbred ‘family’ of Zionists and all sympathisers sitting on the sidelines controlling the front line puppets with promises and threats. The Bushes just one example far more repugnant than ‘her’, equally repugnant in reality.
    Blacks voted for Obama, women vote for Hillary is a cliche extrapolated by speculation fuelled by self importance.

  4. Human says:

    Uninformed, ignorant, low intelligence and minimal thinking people of any background, gender etc., will make a surface decision based on appearances.
    In truth people do go along with their familiars, religion, creed, gender, vocation… on and on and on it goes, it seems to be human nature to adhere to the familiar and to lend support to their own kind regardless of truths and supported facts, unfortunate as that is, it is a fact.

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