Violence against UKIP leader and aspirant leader, death threats against Farage and now actual death of UKIP NEC member

Diane James was attacked in Waterloo Station.  Steven Woolfe hospitalised in Strasbourg.  And now a prominent NEC member dies suddenly – all in a week.  Farage said his reason for retiring as leader was to get his life back.  Some of his friends that this implied death threats were being made against him.  The programme to decapitate UKIP and put Conservatives in control of the Party is well in progress.

Raj Chandran RIP

NEWS. DR RAJ CHANDRAN RUNNING FOR POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER NOTTINGHAM. see Chris's story. NOML20120828B-053 CAPTION; Dr Raj Chandran, from Ravenshead, is running for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner Nottingham on Thursday November 15th. PICTURES; Mark Lee

Like all who knew him, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Dr. Raj Chandran — only the day after I had greeted him at our Party Conference in Bournemouth.  Raj was a loyal member of UKIP who held a position on our National Executive Committee at the time of his passing.

His experience as a former Mayor of Gedling, and as a candidate both in Parliamentary and Police and Crime Commissioner elections, was invaluable, and he was always happy to pass that experience on. Raj was also a former Commissioner for Racial Equality and believed strongly in our party reaching out widely to different communities.

During his time on the NEC, Dr Chandran served our members with honour and integrity and he often spoke of his pride at helping our party by serving on its governing body.  Our thoughts go out to his wife and family as we thank them for sharing him with us over recent years.

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