Vietnam truth is finally coming out

The half-known history of the Vietnam War
is finally coming to light

An interview about the discovery of a “horror
drove” of documented atrocities.


Published on Feb 7, 2013

Journalist Nick Turse describes his unprecedented efforts to compile a complete and compelling account of the Vietnam War’s horror as experienced by all sides, including innocent civilians who were sucked into its violent vortex.

Turse, who devoted 12 years to tracking down the true story of Vietnam, unlocked secret troves of documents, interviewed officials and veterans — including many accused of war atrocities — and traveled throughout the Vietnamese countryside talking with eyewitnesses to create his book, Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.

“American culture has never fully come to grips with Vietnam,” Turse tells Bill, referring to “hidden and forbidden histories that just haven’t been fully engaged.”


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  1. Human says:

    The ruling elite in USA, whatever nationality, religion, although I am sure it is significant in their mentality conversion into actions always need an enemy. They need an enemy for the single purpose of committing violence toward another, they enjoy slaughter of the innocents to an extent unfathomable. They need a target, a victim to attain mass slaughter and invent enemy attacks and terrorism, all contrived to attain a target victim. They want a non stop killing fest, they enjoy the suffering of others and don’t allow a time out, just keep on going, keep the false flags ever in motion to get their victim.
    This is the true feast of the beast.
    You can only imagine what survivors of a third world war could endure at the hands of these men, and we all know they are working on it.

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