US Airstrikes on Iraqi Army Slowing Advance on Mosul


Several Iraqi Soldiers killed by US Airstrike Near Mosul

Several Iraqi Soldiers killed by US Airstrike Near Mosul

[Who’d a thunk it? The Americans have taken the side of ISIS in the Battle for Mosul. Helping the ISIS headchoppers get past the Iraqi army blocking force to terrorise Syria. I wonder what Fallon’s RAF are doing? The same I suppose.  The British guvmint just loves these terrorists fighters. Fallon trains them after all. Busy man. He’s involved in 7 covert wars in the Middle East alone. I’ll bet the chickenhawk’s never even been in a fist fight. The Tories just love violating international law. – Gordon Logan]

With a blocking force in place preventing ISIS from moving into Syria, reported by Iranian press, the US is doing everything possible to slow down the Iraqi Army and prevent successful operations.  There have long been suspicions that the Kurds, who let thousands of ISIS oil trucks through their region each week, have been working with ISIS all along.
It was the Kurds, not the real Kurds, but Barzani’s Saudi run dictatorship in Erbil, that invited Turkey into Iraq.
Deputy Chief of the Nineveh Provincial Council Noureddin Qablan announced that the US-led coalition warplanes have launched airstrikes on army base in Nineveh province, killing several soldiers.

“The US fighter jets hit one of the military bases of Iraqi Army’s 16th Division in a region North of Mosul, and the attack left at least four Iraqi soldiers dead,” Qablan said.

According to FNA, He said that the US army has confirmed the attack, calling it a “mistake”.

Qablan said that it is not the first time the US warplanes hit the Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) military positions, adding, “The US-led coalition has each time said that air raids were not deliberate.”

It is reported that another peshmerga convoy accidentally hit by an USA-led coalition airstrike near Mosul today. That’s was 3 “Mistakan Raid” in 24 hours.


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  1. ian says:

    The fact that, despite the internet making it obvious what’s happening, yet they’re still getting away with it, seems to have emboldened them. It makes for an easier life for most, watching the BBC instead of seeing the truth.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Mistakes in Syria killing government soldiers. Mistakes in Iraq killing government troops. All coordinated to help ISIS take over both countries. It makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it. Iran is equipped with the S-300 and could start shooting down planes over Iraq. Best to wait for the election result, though. It might not be necessary. No more patriotic nonsense please. We really are the biggest jerks on the planet.

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