UPDATE! – Now West Coast Being Hit Also – East Coast Under Cyber Attack, Massive Outages Reported Across A Variety Of Platforms


October 21, 2015 By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


The U.S. east coast suffered a massive Internet attack this morning, October 21, 2016, causing sweeping outages across a number of platforms including Google, Paypal, Netflix, Twitter, Spotify and a host of others.

The apparent cause according to Techcrunch  this was a DDOS attack against DNS provider Dyn. DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Other sites experiencing issues include Box, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Airbnb, Reddit, Freshbooks, Heroku and Vox Media properties. Users accessing these sites might have more or less success depending on where they’re located, as some European and Asian users seem not to be encountering these issues.

Dyn says that the DDOS attack affecting its customers is mostly impacting the U.S. East coast, and specifically Managed DNS customers. Engineers are working on “mitigating” the issue, according the DNS provider.

Down Detector outage maps from a number of the aforementioned sites, show the affected area is the east coast as shown in the screen shots of those maps below, giving a visual of how widespread the damage has been throughout the morning.






Dyn has issued a statement:

This morning, October 21, Dyn received a global DDoS attack on our Managed DNS infrastructure in the east coast of the United States. DNS traffic resolved from east coast name server locations are experiencing a service degradation or intermittent interruption during this time. Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

Upon recognition, active mitigation protocols were initiated and have been working to resolve the issues.

Customers with questions or concerns are encouraged to check our status page for updates and reach out to our Technical Support Team.

Readers in the affected areas of the east may also have had issues accessing the comment section at ANP, as most of the morning the only way I could access the comment section was directly through the Disqus moderation dashboard because the comments would not show on individual articles and when attempting to hit reply via the email notifications, the following message occurred.



While there is no word yet on who is behind these attacks against the east coast of the U.S., it does hammer home why stories about how the CIA is planning cyber attacks against Russia, which was reported by NBC News just a week ago, can lead to retaliation, which could end up far worse than what those living on the east coast that were affected by this mornings attack, experienced.

In the day and age of the internet, cyber attacks can be just as devastating and dangerous as physical attacks.

[UPDATE] DYN says service has been restored.

[UPDATE #2] Cyber attacks have begun again but this time the Down Detector screen shots all show outages on the east AND west coast… some sample screencaps below:




Source: http://allnewspipeline.com/East_Coast_Under_Attack_Massive_Outages.php


Gordon says:

Remarkably similar map

If you live in a green, orange, or purple zone on this map Hillary Clinton told russia that they can nuke you before we can respond, last night when she leaked our nuclear response time. This map is based on ICBM/SLBM travel times. (i.sli.mg)


Might as well blame Putin, eh! And don’t forget that a Russian aircraft carrier is heading down the North Sea right now making its way through the English Channel and on into the Med steering for Syria . Interesting.


3 Responses to “UPDATE! – Now West Coast Being Hit Also – East Coast Under Cyber Attack, Massive Outages Reported Across A Variety Of Platforms”

  1. RabbiT says:

    The Russian flotilla sounds to me like the start of a sequence of events causing Obama to declare a state of emergency, suspend the 2016 election and remain in the White House.

    The rest as they say is history.




    Goodbye third of mankind, hello world government.

  2. UglyTruth says:

    This may or may not be related to the outage, but CNN dropped the video feed when Wikileaks was mentioned (re HRC), so here it is:

    Among the latest Wikileaks email releases is one revealing the name of a US Air Force General involved in an initiative led by rockstar, Tom DeLonge, to reveal the truth about UFOs and secret space programs. This General ran a top USAF research facility out of Wright Patterson Air Force base up until 2013, and has been secretly helping DeLonge to put together a team of ten advisors to tackle the issue of how to reveal to the world the truth about UFOs and a secret space program run by the USAF using antigravity technologies.

    The hacked email is addressed to John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, and dated January 25th, 2016, with the subject header “General McCasland”:

    He mentioned he’s a “skeptic”, he’s not. I’ve been working with him for four months. I just got done giving him a four hour presentation on the entire project a few weeks ago. Trust me, the advice is already been happening on how to do all this. He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware – as he was in charge of all of the stuff. When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago. He not only knows what I’m trying to achieve, he helped assemble my advisory team. He’s a very important man.
    Best, Tom DeLonge

    Podesta had previously been named by DeLonge as an official working with him to reveal the truth about UFOs. Podesta’s involvement in UFO disclosure initiatives is well documented, and involves his service in both the Clinton and Obama Presidential administrations.


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