4 Responses to “UFO Eats Up Chemtrail?”

  1. ian says:

    I watch very little TV. My good lady however was good enough to download a series called the Tunnel. It was very entertaining. During it though, there were several swipes at the internet, as if it was a single entity. One quote from a childrens Nanny, as near as I remember said, ( after a mysterious plane crash), that, the internet says it was that atom thing in Cern that did it. At which point the cop said, the Large Hadron Collider, and smiled knowingly. ……………My Point???. Same as yesterday with Judy Wood and the rest. Distraction and muddying the water. The flat earth reptilians, Jim Stone, Judy Woods, Alex Jones. possibly even NPP, no disrespect, but, I don’t doubt the possibility. …………Israel did 9/11 with help from the US and others. We have proof. We have real chemtrails being sprayed on us daily. We have proof. Anything to do with aliens, directed energy weapons, flat earth, reptilians, etc etc etc is distraction and muddying techniques.

  2. NPP says:

    I also watch very little TV.

    A light heart and higher vibration helps to quell dark matters and lower vibration. Fun is important, otherwise misery prevails. Fear mongers feed on fear.

    Directed energy seems to be a scientific fact. ‘Chemtrails’ appear to be above us regularly and widely, yet try asking the average bod in the street and they appear disinterested.

    May be higher powers do look over us. God? Higher intelligence? May be this is a bolix video muddying waters.

    Judy Wood’s analysis is thought provoking. It certainly questions conventional particle combustion damage. If Judy Wood were given TV air time as per e.g. David Attenbrough on Darwin & Co2 climate change… I suggest it would take attention and be worthy of consideration.

    Lovely ideas and lovely thoughts… are lovely. To me at least.

    According to ‘cutting edge’ physics the observer determines the outcome.

    It’s a bit of fun. If it’s authentic film, it is at least curious making.

    • ian says:

      I have just lost a reply to you NPP either through blocking, or more likely, through my ineptitude. You are obviously better educated than I am, and more socially skilled. An area I know that I’m lacking in. You do however make the point for me that I failed to get across. The general public do indeed lack interest when confronted by the information about chemtrails and other important matters. Much of this is caused by TV, conditioning from an early age, and a strong desire to conform and be part of the herd. Some of us can live happily with being conspiracy theorists, but many, I suggest, the vast majority can’t or don’t want to. By adding way out theories to situations and events like 9/11, chemtrails, etc, I feel these things are being kept out of the realms of normality, and in the realms of tinfoil hat geeks, like we are portrayed.

      • NPP says:

        UK comprehensive education? Ian, my education began after completing a BA (Hons) architecture… stopped that path… I could fore see endless committee meetings and consensus of opinion diluting my ‘wonderful’ ideas – tongue in cheek.

        Soho, London, working in night club land, initiated my ‘education’. Then came the wonderful internet for all its good and bad points.

        What is way out? Fear of the unknown keeps heads in the sand. You cannot change others – merely follow your own nose as can they.

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