Three New Charges of Vote Fraud Filed in Florida and Virginia

vote fraud

by Warner Todd Huston 28 Oct 2016

Authorities in two states have filed vote fraud charges against three separate suspects, just 11 days before the November election, reports say.

Two women in Florida, and a suspect in Virginia, face vote fraud charges of tampering with ballots and voter registration.

In the case in Virginia, a man faces four felony charges for voter registration fraud, according to Washington D.C.’s NBC affiliate.

Vafalay Massaquoi, an African American male, stands accused of fraudulently registering voters when he worked for the Democrat-affiliated New Virginia Majority advocacy group.

Massaquoi filed the fake voter registrations with the Alexandria office but authorities caught the fraud and canceled the registrations before they could be used. Massaquoi was extradited from the Philadelphia area where she had moved earlier this year and is currently being held without bond in Alexandria.

In the Sunshine State, two separate suspects were charged with voter fraud, one of whom is a 74-year-old white woman from Westchester, FL.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle charged the elderly Gladys Coego with filling out votes for a mayoral candidate while working as an official counter of absentee ballots. Coego admitted to her actions when asked and was charged with two felony counts of marking another person’s ballot, according to Reuters.

In a second Florida case, authorities charged Tomika Curgil, a 33-year-old African-American woman from Liberty City, with filling out voter registration information for five voters without their consent and submitting 17 more registrations for fictitious people, ABC News 10 reported.

Authorities said Curgil was working for a group working to legalize marijuana called People United for Medical Marijuana.

Investigators alleged that despite never venturing out from her home on her “work day” for the voter registration drive, Curgil nonetheless handed in the stack of registrations.

Curgil was charged with five counts of submitting false voter registration information.

Warnings of voter fraud have been a central issue in GOP nominee Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House by warning voters to be on the lookout for examples of a system that is “rigged” against him. Trump also recently noted that the media is part of the effort to work against his candidacy.



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