The system’s getting scared by the level of resistance

Hillary – liar, criminal, war monger
– won the Democratic party nomination.

That should be depressing…and it is.

However, in order to win they had
to steal the nomination and shut
down a near-riot on the convention

In a strange way, that’s encouraging.
Here’s why…

The democracy deception is so clearly being rigged that more and more people can see that it is.  The crowd of dissent is getting bigger much quicker than the cabal was expecting.  Americans are not taking their submission lying down.  The level of outcry is encouraging.  The real audience at the DNC was emptied out.  Seat fillers were hired at $50 a day to come and give the impression that the audience supported the selection of Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders turned up with a large bruise on his face, which wasn’t there the day before.  The noise from demonstrators outside was drowned out with white noise and loud music so far as possible.  No one was getting on board inside the hall and the chanting of ‘No More War’ was deafening.  Then they turned the lights out, in addition the white noise machinery.  Hillary has used white noise machines before.  Bernie supporters were drowned out, and kept out of the hall.  Those that came in wore yellow shirts which glowed in the darkness.  Hillary supporters were given shields to hold up to screen out the sea of yellow.   They made it look like everyone voted for Hillary.  The country doesn’t want her, yet is being bullied into having her against the country’s will.  When the DNC selection was announced, the Bernie supporters wouldn’t go home but raged on for hours.  You have to be proud of the resistance that was put up against the impossible odds.  Hillary took them all for a bunch of complete idiots.  The corruption is naked, blatant.  Some people just aren’t going to take it.





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