The government has failed.

The US government has failed, says Jim Stone.  He lists out the catalogue of failure.  He writes –

It is time for people to get serious about this. The complete and total failure of the United States government is not “going to happen”.  It has already happened.  There are countless ways to prove it:

1. We have a government where anyone in power can make a payoff and avoid prosecution for destroying the country. Hillary Clinton paid off the director of the FBI with a bribe of six million dollars, and he then chose not to prosecute her. So many trolls are under Comey that no one is in the power structure that can get rid of him even after this became public knowledge. No one on a police force, no one in the military, no one at the federal level, NOTHING is left in the government that can activate and take Comey out. That is absolute proof of total failure.

2. We have a government that is supposed to have checks and balances, yet Obama was able to hand over ICANN (which required congressional approval he never even asked for and was never given,) completely illegally and totally outside of process. The fact that it is even being considered as able to go through means the government is disabled at all levels by infiltrators who won’t perform basic functions of government, and instead we have an open buffet where America is on the menu. It is a total government failure caused by enemy infiltration, an infiltration so deep that absolutely nothing functions well enough to prevent rogues from running totally amok.

3. We have a government that will not enforce anti trust laws which should have activated decades ago to bust up the Jewish monopoly on the media and on America’s communications. This should have been a lawsuit decades ago and nothing at all happened, and as a result the truth is nowhere in the media, and even the police can’t talk on the phone or it will be intercepted by the Israelis and used to derail investigations (to say the least, it’s worse than that, really.)

4. We have a government where the intelligence branches are activated fully against the people, to facilitate the destruction of the country. This is accomplished by stealing everyone’s secrets and handing them straight to the Jews, who then profit from stolen innovation, stolen business leads, “lost phone calls stuck on busy signals”, intercepted and destroyed e-mails and texts for the purpose of stifling business connections and letting the Jews win every time. Ever wonder why ALL the top companies are now owned by Jews? They did not accomplish this with any sort of honesty, and the government is too infiltrated to even consider activating against it to save the country. All Americans could do is sit and watch as practically all American greatness was carted away to China.

5. We have a government that allows obvious open and proven rigging of elections with no action against it whatsoever. If they would take action, Hillary would already be OUT. And all rigging is done for the sole purpose of finalizing the destruction of the country. This alone proves America has no government, its power has been usurped and diverted directly against the American people and there is no way for the American people to vote their way out of it. This alone proves a total government failure.

6. We have a government that runs colleges and universities that primarily exist to destroy the minds of the women, and put them on a rampage to shred the fabric of the country. Absolutely no government that operated in the best interests of the nation would ever allow such institutions to exist. Their existence alone proves a total government failure.

7. The only “free speech” that exists is on the internet, and that may be gone soon. There is no free speech in America, for over a decade it has required a permit, and could only exist in “free speech zones”. Guess what? In the early 2000’s, the free speech zone in Boston was under a highway overpass in a ghetto area. That is what “free speech” has been reduced to, just try to speak it in a public area now outside of a specified zone without a permit. You will be carted off post haste. If that is what America has devolved to, it is game over, the government has completely and totally failed.

8. We have a government that is so despicable that the Secretary of State can get away with calling the majority a “basket of deplorables” and STILL be “shown” to be close in the polls, rather than cast aside as an enemy of the greater public. Hillary’s attitude against the people ALL BY ITSELF is proof of a complete government failure.

And I am not even getting to complete and total public atrocities, such as government encouraged GMO’s, government enforced tainted vaccines, a government medical system that is the enemy of the people, government funded banker bailouts rather than jailings, government fronted false flag terror, government perpetrated 911 un punished, phony wars, the list goes on and on, people, we are TOAST. It is a sad day when RUSSIA looks 100X better simply because Putin does not see the Russian population as “deplorable.”

People, it is over. I am calling it, and I do not think I am wrong. Trump is only a hope, he will not happen. Even if Trump gets voted in by a margin of over 90 percent (which he definitely has), he will be shown to have “lost by a hair”, a mindset put in place by fraudulent pre election polls that any functioning government would have put a stop to. We are so toast that I can’t even begin to state exactly how “toast” we are, because the government has completely failed, AND NO ONE EVEN KNOWS IT.

Sep 29 2016


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  1. Human says:

    I beg to differ.
    What the outsiders see as failure is in fact success to the insiders.
    Sitting at a works canteen table I witnessed everyone talking about how the banks had failed post 2008. I shake my head in disbelief of the total ignorance that too many people exist trapped in the veil of illusion. The banks as the ‘government’ do not fail, they succeed, the illusion is that they lie to all and sundry to keep them at bay while they weave and work their plans making it look like they’ve failed us.
    Well, they have failed us, but intentionally and deliberately.

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