The Coming Solar Storm

President Obama has just signed an Executive Order relating to ‘space weather events’. The Chinese government were expecting a catastrophic Carrington event (or Kill Shot) in April 2012. The expected massive solar storm occurred 3 months later, in July, and fortunately the blast of billions of tons of neutrons missed the Earth altogether. Since 1997, ionospheric heaters (for example HAARP) have been hammering the ionosphere with predictable destructive effects on the Earth’s protective magnetosphere. On August 18 2007, NASA reported a massive breach in the magnetosphere. This breach astonished scientists. Why are ionospheric heaters allowed when they cause breaches in the magnetosphere?


The Chinese government had predicted that the Carrington event would be accompanied by a huge breach in the magnetosphere – an extraordinary and very unfortunate coincidence. Such an event would be an ideal opportunity for massive global depopulation, since it would melt down all the copper in the electrical grid and would also have the effect of a global neutron bomb.  It seems that the next Carrington event is to be used to false flag the death of most of humanity. Ionospheric heaters must be banned immediately. All the more so since they are used at resonant frequencies to cause artificial earthquakes. Earthquakes became much more common after 1997, when US SecDef William Cohen announced the existence of the earthquake weapon. Ionospheric heaters are also used to simulate the meteorological effects of global warming in the form of freak weather, droughts, flooding and brush fires, notably in the United States itself, which is totally subordinated to global government.

Humanity has survived dozens of Carrington events over the centuries, but with modern industrial society’s dependence on electricity, and without the magnetosphere, we are doomed. The global elite do not intend to give up lightly their outrageous system of counterfeiting , debt and global pauperization. Finally, it is possible that the damage to the magnetosphere can be patterned so as to spare certain geographical regions from the neutron bomb effect. The Bush family bought a huge estate in Paraguay ten years ago, so take your family to Paraguay, Tap.

Gordon Logan – the spy who brought down the Soviet Union in August 1991.


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    I repeatedly tried to post this as a comment, but with no success.

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    Note that the British government has done absolutely nothing to protect the British people from this catastrophe. Moreover, Theresa May has bragged about ‘pressing the nuclear button’. This country has a no civil defence to speak of, but our parliament of brainwashed idiots is ready to nuke Russia. With the Americans building up their first strike capability by shipping their strategic weapons to bases in the UK and Europe, Theresa May’s idiocy defies belief. She needs to realize that the MAD doctrine is dead. The so-called deterrent is an outdated fantasy.

  3. Gordon says:

    Thank you for qualifying yesterdays posted article “Major False Flag Event Coming”.

    When scientists, namely NASA, constantly cry wolf concerning major solar flares I get very suspicious and when heads of state cry the same message it confirms to me that a false flag event is, at worst, imminent or earmarked for a later day.

    Fact is, NASA can’t predict the certainty of a Carrington Event much like Seismologists can’t predict when an earthquake will occur, only that one day it will, as it has in the past.

    This then leads to what weapon technology exists or has been secretly developed to produce the power and effect of a Carrington Event. Have scientists upped the anti on HAARP or produced a new all powerful weapon, I don’t know, but for sure every weapon developed from the club to the nuke has been used to the detriment of man and nature. Madmen rule the world.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    I was in China in 2011 when CC2 broadcast a documentary predicting the 2012 solar storm. They thought it would take at least 3 years to recover from the effects. Sure enough, the storm occurred but missed the Earth. I don’t think this story is scaremongering or a diversion. Carrington events do occur but this would be the first time that one has occurred in an industrial world – hence the catastrophic effect. What is astonishing – and worse – is that the Chinese said that simultaneously the magnetosphere would be breached – presumably for the first time in history – thus causing a mass extinction event. The huge beach in the magnetosphere that NASA discovered in 2007 is extraordinary but can be explained by ten years of ionospheric heating. When I was researching the subject in China their secret service got interested and I was given access to Youtube, which is blocked in China. I do not believe that a Carrington event could be caused artificially, but ionospheric heating could maximize its lethality. The evidence suggests that this is being done. As you say, our rulers are madmen, or at least psychopaths. TPTB may not even be human. Who knows? For hundreds of years the human race has functioned as an incremental variable in a money creating function, while being itself pauperized. Who gets the money? Might I suggest that there is a divine law and our consent is required. It’s like a contract with the devil.We are literally fooled into consenting to these things. That is why democracy is so dangerous. The electorate legitimizes the outrages that are committed in its name.

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