Soros: His Master´s Voice II. Emergency Call: Suicidal Execution of Germany. Inverted Terror Dictatorship like in 3. Reich – in Favour of Uncivilized Immigrants Antiracism = Racism against Germans

by Anders

ADDENDUM:  The Daily Mail 27 Oct.2016: Primary school pupils were ‘forced to recite Muslim Allahu Akbar prayer’, according to an angry father.
The parent said his daughter was told to learn the Islamic prayer at the school in German ski resort Garmisch-Patenkirchen.
A handout allegedly given to pupils read: ‘Oh Allah, how perfect you are and praise be to you. Blessed is your name, and exalted is your majesty. There is no God but you.’
Comment: Once you have recited this prayer you are irrevocably considered a Muslim!! In Arabic it goes Lá iláha illallah.
These children are de facto forcefully converted Muslims – as so often seen in Muslim-occupied areas.

The unease felt by many in the pretty Bavarian town is mirrored across Germany where Chancellor Merkel decision to open Germany’s border to almost a million migrants has led to political and social unrest.


Summary: The mayoress of Garmisch Patenkirchen has sent a desperate letter to a Bavarian politician for help against the terror of the “blacks” (policeman). Because she wrote the truth, she was obviously forced to back down and tell that everything was all right!

Merkel, on the other hand, is indignant at the fact that her dear mass immigrants behave badly – are indeed mocking hospitable Germany!

At the same time, she secretly flies thousands of Muslims into the country nights.
This Super-Freemason can not see that the problem is not with some failed existences – but with Islam. Merkel obeys the orders of  self-proclaimed ringleader of the mass immigration, Rothschild agent George Soros, who also frankly says the mass immigration is revenge because Germany would not be the paymaster of the fiscal union desired by Rothschild.

An anonymous German describes today’s conditions in Germany so crassly that it is unimaginable for a non-German. He compares the existing dictatorship with the Third Reich:
Where racism was terrorizing at that time, anti-racism, racism and war against the Germans, are terrorizing today.
The anonymous author is not in doubt: this is the continuation of the Second World War. It is about the extermination of the Germans within the framework of the NWO – by the same dark forces (London City).
“It is conspiracy reality,” he writes – and only divine intervention can help. I agree with that.

He describes the behavior of the male young immigrants with everyday observations and says they are animals.

There is no freedom of opinion – only political correctness. The attitude of an SPD politician to a question of how to protect German culture was apparently answered aka Roland Freissler. Criticism is titled as a hate speech – and punished.

There are reports of how critical pupils are being humiliated –  parents were even charged a fine of 300 Euros by a diligent female school master because their 13-year-old son did not want to attend a mosque visit.
I have previously described how 2 pastors were persecuted for unpleasant Koran-correct statements.

History repeats itself – but the order is called “new”!


Germany today seems to be like the inverted 3. Reich – ruled by the same “invisible” London   City. The following tells a lot about the situation in today´s Germany being like the situation in the 3. Reich
Racism was instigated by Zionists in the 3. Reich – but even worse antiracism today, i.e. anti-white racism oder rather antiwhite war declared  and waged, you guessed it,  by the Jewish Pharisees to an extent that native Germans are fleeing the country – their communist genetically  and spiritually  Jewish – –  chancellor betraying them.


Hear the greatest hypocrite which I know of: She is whining at violent migrants whom she is still importing by the thousands – secretly nights by aircraft.

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However, Merkel does not draw the following conclusions: 1) returning all criminals to where they belong – mainly to Muhammedania, as long as Europe does not yet belong to Muhammedania. 2) Stopping Muslim immigration.  3) concluding that Islam does not belong to Europe/Germany, as our ancestors and Martin Luther already knew very well in 1529 and 1683 in the battles of Vienna. 4),  recognizing that “Germany will not make it”.
On the contrary, Merkel is sticking to her disastrous refugee policy and secretly flies thousands of Muslims into the country at night to deceive us, because her superlodge master, Rothschild agent George Soros, commands her to, according to the plan of his master, to eradicate Germany – just like Sweden.

Die Merkur 25. Okt. 2016In Garmisch Patenkirchen fear prevails. The “Merkur” dares  not quote the “incendiary speech” quoted below – but refers to The Daily Mail (below)!! According to the Suddeutsche  Zeitung, Mayor Maierhofer is already backing down for having spoken the truth. I can not find the “incendiary letter” in German.

The Daily Mail 16 Oct. 2016:  Street fighting, vandalism and sexual assault: Mayor of picturesque German ski town begs for help to tackle an ‘explosive refugee crime wave’
Police chief says refugees are now ‘in charge’ in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Described fights and how Africans have taken over in Abrams complex led mayor Dr Sigrid Meierhofer to beg Bavaria to intervene in the town
She says ‘public order and security’ are in jeopardy without prompt action
The Abrams centre, a former US Army site that now houses around 250 asylum seekers, is also affecting tourism and the health of residents, she claims. Around 150 of the residents are Africans, 80 per cent of them unaccompanied young men.

Deputy police chief Thomas Holzer recently said: ‘There are brawls, fights and property damage. The blacks occupy the best wi-fi places, choose who sleeps in what room.
Local social media speaks gravely of sexual assaults of the worst kind taking place in the accommodation centre, but Holzer said he cannot confirm this.

Frau Meierhofer explained in her letter that the complaints from local citizens  were accumulating and that they were not from the far-right or other extremist groups. 

The author of the following is a German – also from from Southern Germany – writing anonymously out of fear for the security of his family.

He sees a Germany committing suicide by means of its “own” politicians – and has realized that nothing short of divine intervention can stop this demonic, planned execution of Germany.
I totally agree with him.

The following is is a long excerpt – but it is rewarding to read it to the end  – or better in its entirety. 

Christ Michael 4 Febr. 2016:   “The present situation in Germany gives proof that some secret community has decided to eliminate Germany and it’s culture. Germans are becoming rightless and abandoned people in their own country. It’s a big showdown going on – the suicide of the German nation.

 Inside Germany we have a huge censorship in TV/Media/net, with threats to all those who do not post/broadcast/write in a manner which is regarded as “politically correct. asyl-invasion
All the helpers and do-gooders out of free will are nearly suffering a burn-out now.
In the city of Niederkassel a German family of 8 persons had to leave the house they were living in, they had rented it from the community, who had decided to put 25 refugees inside it. They were not offered an alternative. This is NOT A SINGLE CASE. Soldiers have to move out from their barracks into tents, and asylum seekers will move into the barracks.

More and more people starting to realize that the German Government has forsaken the German Nation, that it has intentionally drawn damage, danger and crime into the country. Same with the council communities.

All of these people have been elected by the citizens  are and now participating in that “game”, that otherwise  would be called  “NAZI” or “RACIST”.

I assure you, the Germans are not racists, although there is still a worldwide propaganda going on trying to cement this image in the minds of the planet.
Germany was “full” even before all these refugees started to flood in.

The “refugees” with their nature of parasites, locusts or army ants are being distributed all over the country. Small villages “get” more refugees than they have people living there. There is not enough money, there is not enough security for all that potential crime.
The mainstream media will NOT  even inform the GERMANS about what’s really going on in this land.
Truely, these are circumstances which were similarly reported and denounced in connection with the NAZI regime, and if our children may ever survive this, they might ask once, “why has nobody had the courage to counter this suppression?”

Many Germans start to realize that what always was bashed as a “Conspiracy theory” has never been a theory at all, but a hardcore plan.  It’s a conspiracy REALITY.

The German chancellor of destruction, Merkel, has lately stated: This problem of being flooded with refugees from various countries was a problem inflicted to us “by God”. (Supermason Merkel´s god is Lucifer and here  and here and here).

But this is a manmade problem, created intentionally, long time ago already. The goal is the fulfillment of what WWII did not reach rightaway, it’s the EXITUS of Germany, a cardiac infarct to the core of Europe, reaching out even into the neighbor countries like France or even to others more far away, like Sweden.

German members of the police or other institutions are whistleblowing that the situation in Germany – law and order – IS ALREADY OUT OF CONTROL.

The planned result is the destabilization of whole Europe – followed by a cry for help from there – countered by offering the BIG SOLUTION for the planetTHE NWO.

To create a flood of “refugees” it was necessary to destabilize several countries. The keys for destabilization are  BOMBING and WARFARE. To bomb a country, the agressor needs a reason. Since the false flag of “Shock and Awe” we know as 911 (meanwhile nearly every child knows it was an “inside job”) “terrorism” has become that one BIG rubbermade and stretchable argument of that “would like to control all the world” 3-letter State.

But I bet, most of the people still would not have left their homelands for the long road to Germany, if there had not been adequate propaganda and sponsoring, advertising for Germany “in need for them” or this “rich country”. You might have heard the German Chancellor’s phrase “ Islam would belong to Germany”. WHAT A PARADISE.

So, the bulk of the “refugees” are economic refugees but having a close look at them, it’s getting worse. A member of the German Red Cross had been ordered to go to an asylumn for support there.

She afterwards posted on Facebook, that according to her view there had only been 2% true refugees, while the rest of them were economic ones and “spongers”. Guess what – using the word “spongers” made that she was fired.

They are not coming here to ask for help, they are coming to DEMAND. Somebody has told them they had all rights to demand anything and the “christed unbelivers” had to bow in front of the Islam.


Their status of evolution is lower than with animals – I’m sorry to say that but        they are in neither way capable to integrate into German structures and rules.

They pee wherever they are, they shit on the floor wherever they are, they pee on sleeping women inside the asylum camps, they use any children as shields, they rape children and women, they plunder each other (as well as their German hosts), they steal whatever they need, in the sanitary rooms the walls are covered with their excrements, they place their shit next to the toilets on the floor.
Vandalism and demolition quickly changes their locations into ruins – and whatever property is offered them for use – probably civilized people will never more be willing to use it – one would have to tear it down.
They attack Germans, they give open expression of hatred and disdain to the Germans (non Islamists). DISEASES ARE STARTING TO SPREAD. I’m pretty sure that the government will soon take a chance to order (deadly or sickening) vaccinations to the Germans, faking to “protect” them.

They invade supermarkets and stores without paying for what they take. There are official instructions to IGNORE REFUGEE CRIME, which is about 80% of the crime rate. Never before in German history the rate of raping German girls and women has been so high like it is now.

It’s NOT WOMEN AND CHILDREN causing this hell to the helpers – it’s the main part of the “refugees”, young adult MALES without any willingness to learn or to behave.

They arm themselves with knives and anything which can be used as a weapon, they go against each other if there are differences in religions, there was even murder. They are the very chaotic troublemakers and anti-social through and through.

The newspapers are ordered by the Government not to tell the public that the criminal was of “migrant background”, they even change the names into German names, so that the German readers should not realize who was really behind.

Well, I suppose this statement includes a considerable number of IS-terrorists infiltrated among the masses of invading migrants. THERE IS PROOF ABOUT THAT “TROJAN HORSE”.

The mainstream news did NOT report about strange containers delivered to certain asylums in Germany – labeled as “AID FOR REFUGEES”, but containing a full load of weapons guns and ammunition. The first of these containers was found by the Greek customs – on a ship south of Crete. There are reports on youtube, if you want to convince yourselves.

Now, let’s talk about CENSORSHIP in connection with the refugee topic. There is one opinion allowed – the “political correct” one, which is “WELCOME REFUGEES”.
Comment: Political correctness is a child of the Communist Jewish Frankfurt School.

Any contrary opinion is titled as “comment of hatred”. There are suggestions from “above” like strong punishments for these – for example, taking away the driving permission from the writer or even taking away his children. Mentioning the risks around the presence of refugees is also restricted. (The European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia speaks of 3 years in prison)
PEGIDA is a group warning about the Islam taking over. It started with demonstrations in the city of Dresden. So, PEGIDA is being demonized all over the mainstream media.

The AfD is a young party – now the government is really frightened about them. According to a weekend survey, about 80% of the Germans were going to elect this party now….(???)

A 13 year old boy placed a critical comment on Facebook. This comment was found by a self named censor who contacted the parents of this boy to hint at the “racist” comment. The parents said they would talk to him, but the censor claimed, this was not enough. By making pressure he insisted on the boy helping 1 day in a refugee location, and in the evening he had to make a “selfie with a laughing refugee child” to post it on Facebook with a statement of “how much fun they had”.

Watching TV becomes quite horrible. There is refugee propaganda wherever you watch. Knowing details of reality it’s really up to vomiting.
Another critical party had addressed the SPD with the input to protect the German culture as there were so many special things in it.

I’m ashamed to tell that the female SPD speaker verbally vaporised himhe was a racist and a NAZI, as he was claiming the German culture to be superior to others. Others – perhaps you have heard about the ANTIFA – openly claim that “GERMANY MUST PERISH”.

Below: from Der Honigmann Sagt 24 Okt. 2016: At Rendsburg, a schoolboy´s parents declined to let the boy participate in an excursion to a mosque. The female (Marxist feminist?) headmaster now sues the parents for a fine of 300 euros.  



Germans observing the situation with open eyes clearly see that it’s much too late to prevent the downgoing of our country. THE REQUIEM FOR THE FUNERAL OF OUR COUNTRY HAS ALREADY STARTED.

Our only hope is divine intervention!”



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