“Say Bill Clinton, Sexual Predator, I Dare You!”

“This is very revealing…” writes Patrick.

The original text does not mention:

“Hillary Clinton in a secret speech in Brazil to a bank that pays her $225K saying her dream is an open border where 600 million people could come to America – that’s not worth covering?”

“Say Bill Clinton, Sexual Predator, I Dare You!”

The post picked up from Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire on BookFace who seems to have picked it up from REPORTE INTERNACIONAL…:

Former speaker of the House and top Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich got into a heated exchange with Fox News host Megyn Kelly over the women who have accused Trump of groping them.

Gingrich felt the media has given an inordinate amount of coverage to the accusers while ignoring the information that has been revealed in the leaked Clinton campaign emails.

“If Trump is a sexual predator … ” Kelly began.

“He’s not a sexual predator!” Gingrich exclaimed. “You can’t say that. You could not defend that statement. Now, I’m sick and tired of people like you using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true!”

“Excuse me, Mr. Speaker. You have no idea if it’s true or not,” Kelly replied cooly. Kelly said she had not taken a position one way or the other.

Gingrich said that Kelly took a position as soon as she used the words, “sexual predator.”

“I think that your defensiveness on this may speak volumes,” Kelly said. She explained that given the context of the allegations, the media had no choice but to cover them in detail.

Gingrich then said Kelly chose to cover the allegations rather than the Clinton emails because she is “fascinated by sex.”

Watch the video…..


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