Reporting Syria from the ground exposes Al Jazeera lies

On the ground journalist Eva Bartlett spent time in Syria, and saw what was actually going on.  Richie Allen interviewed her.  The corporate news don’t tell anything of the real story.  They are the propaganda machine that sells these foreign wars.  The people suffering in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Palestine are resilient, carrying on with their lives, despite losing loved ones and friends.  Car bombings and suicide bombings are killing a lot of people.  Our western media fabricate lie after lie accusing Assad.  Eva exposes Al Jazeera for lying about massacres which never took place, and so on.  L.A.Times lied.  Chemical weapons came from the ‘moderate’ rebels, not the Syrian government.  And on it goes.  The British Bullshit Corporation of course gets a mention.

She calls them NATO’s terrorists.


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