Remember Remember the 5th of November

This is ex-flight attendant Rebekah Roth, reviled by 9/11 ‘truthers’ such as James Fetzer and Mike Adams… I post Rebekah Roth again because I like her analysis; I’m taking a punt on her; she’s a good researcher; she has and continues to analyse the infamous 9/11 FOI mega-data, she is reading the current Wikileaks e-mails; she appeals to non-‘conspiracy’ people… plus she refers to 5th November. That resonates….

Rebekah Roth ~ WikiLeaks ~ Emails ~ Clintons ~ FBI

She opens by comparing cell phones now and then…

“Hillary is flying to Iowa in her plane. Their wi-fi was out of service. For some reason no one calls any of their cell phones!? Hillary did not know James Comey had reopened the e-mail investigation…. nobody on the plane knew. So here we are 15 years later and we’re supposed to believe people called out from a hijacked aircraft at 39,000 ft – how do you make that work? As soon as they landed, some one comes in and drops the FBI bomb-shell.

The only person who is happy about this is Bill Clinton, because it’s that Weiner that got in trouble – not his weener!

The woman that accused Trump of pulling the arm rest up and groping her – the arm rests in 1st class never pull up like they do in coach. The arm rest might have pulled out… not lift up.

Bill Cosby has donated lots of money to the Clinton Foundation. It is through the Clinton Foundation that you will see attention brought to… drugs, guns, child trafficking, sex, you name it, it’s running through there to leaders of every country.
You’re going to see it because it is going to come out. For little Chelsea too, she’s going to get nailed on this one.

Comey was stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have stuff and it’s big. If he hadn’t come forward, he was going to get hosed down the other end, after the election.

DOJ’s Loretta Lynch Tried To Squash Comey’s Letter To Congress:

These are not duplicate – these are NEW e-mails that the FBI found.

I’m getting contacted by people in intelligence. Some incredible stuff is going to come out 5th November.

Rumour about these e-mails: referencing the murder of Scalia and Benghazi… Comey had no choice or it would have come back on him.

I think she could murder some one on the stage and there are Democrat supporters who wouldn’t care – they’d still vote for her.

I’m going through these Wikileaks files because if Hillary gets in, it’ll be gone. Hillary was even kicked off the Watergate committee for lying. The Clinton Foundation involves people from both sides of the aisle

If it weren’t for Julian Assange, we wouldn’t have this investigation re-opened.

They are all linked: Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, the climate change people, the UN, social media; Google, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, the UN

Right now we are very vulnerable for something to happen in this country to divert the FBI away from Hillary Clinton investigations – Hillary needs a huge diversion bigger than this Be alert. Be safe.

Hillary Clinton and much of Washington is being busted by what James Comey has seen.”


I add Stefan Molyneux because I laughed – he says at the beginning, referring to sex-texter Weiner:
“Don’t Tweet Yer Meat!”
3 Scandals: Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Loretta Lynch | True News:


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