Rebekah Roth Analyses FOI Mega Data Re: 9/11. Her Critics Do Not.

If I”m on the wrong track here, so be it, but I’m curious and suspect others are too. The in-fighting and defrocking among the alternative media has been sadly active this year. Then again may be it does separate wheat from chaff. It could also be translated as classic divide and rule, making happy the powers that like to be. Rebekah Roth was side lined by many and criticised big time from about Xmas 2015 onward.

It seems, Rebekah Roth has and continues to analyse Freedom Of Information (FOI) mega data files related to 9/11, which her critics apparently do not. If they have analysed it, do let us know.

I request the return of Rebekah Roth to all the regular alternative media shows; well, she’s hardly going to be invited to the BBC or CNN. If nothing else, entertain us Richie Allen, Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones, all of you; invite her back; though I suspect she would be discerning about returning to some of her previous hosts. She’s written 3 ‘fictional’ books, Methodical Illusion, Deception and Conclusion based upon her research and investigation of 9/11. Graham Hancock is another of many examples of authors producing fictional stories to present possible truths, so Rebekah is not unusal in this. Here she is, face on, not hiding, articulate, thoughtful and open to listen to and answer questions:

About Rebekah:

Since her ‘outing’, alternative media comments now often refer to her as ‘disinfo’. She was called out by Jim Fetzer as an agent of deception. It seems to have kicked off like this:
Jim Fetzer has presented shows I’ve listened to and enjoyed including support for Sandy Hook investigator Wolfgang Halbig. Health Ranger Mike Adams let her go from his TalkRadio station. Richie Allen will not invite her back because she called Jim Fetzer a shill. It gets so childish. As David Icke says Richie, the information is important, not the he said she said squabbling nonsense.
Richie’s show with her from April 2015: Rebekah Roth on “Methodical Illusion”, Her Brilliant New Book Exposing The Lies Of 9/11:

I asked Truth Frequency Radio to invite Rebekah to their station. TRF responded to me 27 March 2016:
“You can find all of Rebekah Roth’s research material on our website. The person who gave it to her stepped forward and gave it to us. Please let us know what you find!

I take that’s a no then. So much for the truth eh! After she was hit upon, Rebekah reacted with accusation against a list of alternative media names. TFR features at least one alleged ‘troll’ according to Rebekah’s Troll list:
It makes for uncomfortable reading because I’ve enjoyed programmes by many of these names. She has made very heavy assertions about Mike Adams on BookFace. I have appreciated the work of Mike Adams for several years. I’ve just purchased Ty Bollinger’s latest Truth About Cancer Ultimate Live Symposium:
… it features a fascinating musical presentation by Health Ranger Mike Adams about the frequency resonance of molecules. Surly, he can’t be what she infers… let’s invite, interview and find out rather than not. If you want to know what Rebekah thinks of Mike Adams, go to her BookFace page and ask her; I’m not comfortable repeating it here. She says the trolls will feature in her next book.

Rebekah requested and received a huge amount of FOI mega date from another researcher. She paid for the postage and he sent a hard drive. She did what apparently no one else has: had the FOI mega data files analysed by traffic controllers, pilots and specialists; apparently it is an on-going process. Why do Fetzer & co not welcome her information and analysis? Then again, why won’t engage Dr. Judy Wood:

I understand the official story of 9/11 is codswallop, but it hardly means I know exactly what happened or who organised it. Rebekah says she has a damn good idea. Fetzer stated,
“…I had read her book and liked a lot of what she had to say (especially in her analysis of the purported “phone calls from passengers”) but that she did not have everything right…”
So Jim, are you the go-to expert who knows exactly what did happen?

Perhaps the first time I took Rebekah seriously was when I saw Bill Ryan had come out of quiet ‘retirement’ to interview her:
9/11 – WHO DID IT and HOW : Rebekah Roth talks to Bill Ryan:

I always liked Bill. He always struck me as sincere and thoughtful. Whether he is being led down the garden path or not, who knows…

John B. Wells continues to host her on his show. I have not heard the latest subscribers-only content, but this is from 2015:
Caravan To Midnight – Episode 369 A Methodical Deception:
I once heard John B. Wells refer to Mike Adams as the Health War Lord, which made me smile and wonder why. Jeff Rense apparently warned Rebekah to be aware of Mike Adams. Then again, we can make a long list of those who like and don’t like each other among the alternative media. Alex Jones has long been lambasted as ‘disinfo’, yet even Rebekah comments, despite him not being to her style, he does present useful information.

Rebekah will respond to e-mails and interacts on her BookFace page. She urges support for Donald Trump over and above Hillary Clinton, and with good reason as far as I understand.

I’ve read her 3 books and listened to hours of her interviews and commentary while I watch paint dry – that’s my business, artist. If she is an ‘agent’, why don’t the ‘truth movement’ presenters invite her back and interview her? Surly interviewing an ‘CIA agent’ would be interesting. Rebekah says she examines any information and the truth is the truth. She takes interest in Dr. Judy Wood’s directed free energy technology theories, yet also acknowledges thermite was found at the 9/11 site and asks, so why does Judy Wood dismiss it? Rebekah also seems to hold Jim Marrs in high regard. Who doesn’t? She has a sense of humour too:
Rebekah Roth Exposes Rebekah Roth!

I made a note of this to send through to Rebekah and decided to leave it here:
1.05:21 mins in…
Wolf Spirit Radio – Ever Beyond – Thomas Sheridan – Walpurgis Night (11/5/14)
Thomas Sheridan repeatedly declares his disinterest in 9/11. However, this conversation with him mentions 9/11:
“… are you aware of Able Danger… David Hawkins talks about worshipful guilds… the patent network… Femcom… on 9/11 they had the thing they called the football… radical trans-humanist group taking over the world through that side… oath taking ceremonies… 9/11 was a public snuff movie…”

It’s an interesting chat. I recall Rebekah might have referred to Femcom.

An example of the Rebekah Roth Show: Rebekah Returns:

It has been suggested Rebekah Roth is relatively new to the 9/11 scene and is merely repeating what has already been researched and said. She was just an airline hostess, so what does know? It seems rather a lot! Surly she is a great example of some one who ‘woke-up’ and is diligently contributing to the truth movement. I find her approach and analysis very engaging. I urge you all to ask your favourite shows to invite Rebekah Roth to share her knowledge. If she is not authentic, let’s find out. I would find it interesting, intriguing and entertaining to hear her on the regular circuit. If I’m missing something, if anyone has definitive evidence to ‘debunk’ Rebekah, so be it, share it and enlighten us.

As she says,
“If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t listen!”
“If you’re going to call me an anti-Semite, leave the e-mail alone – don’t even bother.”
Fair enough!

She has a show co-host called Ramjet who has also been vilified, but they just keep on keeping on. This is her latest show at time of typing:
Rebekah Roth ~ WikiLeaks ~ Podesta Emails ~ What Next?

Edit 04.11.2016
I was directed to Conspiracy Theorista. I watched 5 mins or so of:
RothFraud Truthday Part 1 – NO ONE STOOD UPSTAIRS:
I found it unpleasant and to me proving nothing inconsistent with Roth’s analysis and commentary. If Roth sells books, good luck to her. To observe 9/11 on the day, to think ‘that does not look right’, but continue with her busy working life is as so many did, was quite normal.

I stand by this post.


7 Responses to “Rebekah Roth Analyses FOI Mega Data Re: 9/11. Her Critics Do Not.”

  1. Nollidge says:

    That’s about 15+ hours of videos. Sorry,don’t have the time. Besides,I’m pretty sure most of us who’ve taken any interest in 9-11 are now pretty sure (certain,in fact) of just who did it & why.
    On a different topic,seen any videos of dancing Israelis lately?.

  2. ian says:

    I have never heard, or heard of Rebekah Roth. !5 hours of videos as Nollidge says, is a lot. I don’t trust many in the alternative media. I don’t like Judy Wood, David Icke, the flat earth brigade. 9/11 was carried out using explosives and cutting charges of thermate/mite, and regular explosives. The US government and Israel were heavily involved. There is ample proof of that, planes, no planes, nuclear weapons, directed energy weapon, it doesn’t matter, and worse serves as a distraction. As far as Mike Adams and all of the rest are concerned, if it matches my beliefs, then I’ll be interested, if they start talking shite, I’m outa there. Of course, my beliefs might be wrong, but they’re adaptable depending on any credible information coming along. They are drowning out the alternative media with numbers. As usual they seem to be succeeding too. It’s awash with pure rubbish.

  3. NPP says:

    The videos posted here are a tiny portion of what I’ve listened to. Of course, you do not have to listen… there is no need to apologise. Read her 3 easy to read books for yourself or don’t.

    Most of you are sure who did it and why? Pray, do tell! I remember 9/11 very well – a suicide bomb attack shook my windows the day before in Istanbul, so I was very au fait with ‘attacks’. I observed anomalies that day live on TV that contradicted the later official story. My Turkish friend, just from watching the TV, turned to his mum on the second day to declare, “They did it themselves…”
    Or, do you mean you know who others think did it and why? I recommend Rebekah’s books for more on dancing Israelis and indeed, Israeli artists who had full access to the WTC towers before 9/11.

    I find Judy Wood’s work valuable and David Icke most informative and entertaining,… but, of course each to their own. Rebekah Roth was quick to dismiss the online flat earth theories over the past year or so.

    From communications and comments on her BookFace page and within her video commentaries, I understand…

    Rebekah Roth asserts:
    James Fetzer, Mike Adams et al have some ‘freaking’ agenda.
    Fetzer knows nothing about the airline industry or FAA protocols.
    Fetzer and Adams attacked her (online), then tried to find her physical location and have her killed. (! What? Indeed, a heavy allegation…)
    She says she will write about this in the next book.
    Mike Adams is ex Scientology and Mossad. (I find this very hard to believe, but that’s what she says…)
    She was expecting the NSA and CIA might be unhappy with her, not the “truthers” so has several different proxy servers that show her six states away from where she is at all times.
    She says ‘they’ have posted the ‘craziest shit and accused me of being over 20 different people in that many careers ranging from CIA agent to Chemist!’
    She is working on another book with aviation experts and some of the top architects and engineers in the country.
    She asks why do 3 novels threaten people like Mike Adams, Jim Fetzer and Richard Gage (not his real name)?


    All tosh and nonsense, or some interesting thoughts?

    The detail in her books is interesting – why don’t Fetzer & co engage her?! I have long received and appreciated the Health Ranger Natural News newsletters, so it is a big ask for me to accept Rebekah’s assertions about Adams. TAP regularly posts Health Ranger articles, and why not? They seem useful. I did find it bizarre the way she was so quickly side-lined. I can only reiterate, read her books, see what you think. I hoped posting about her might encourage wider interest in her work, but never mind – one tries.

    TAP, I think the books are available in cheap tablet digital form.

    • ian says:

      I agree NPP, everyone to their own thing. I have decided recently to stop indulging as much into conspiracy material. I researched it as a means to an end, and assumed that somehow, once people were made aware of the obvious government terrorist acts, that there would be some kind of outrage or outcry over their deeds. Since there is no indication of this happening, I fail to take pleasure from educating myself about their crimes. There are many now, the writer of this piece included, who seem to make a living out of writing on conspiracy matters, but who are going nowhere in any real sense. As I said in my comment above, the simple fact that explosives were obviously used in the destruction of the towers should have been enough. The Israeli art students and dancing Israelis is old news and have been on every video about it since it happened, but hey, if you want to talk about reptilians and directed energy weapons that have never been seen, then fill your boots.

      • NPP says:

        I will fill my boots… thanks. I laughed so much at this…. good to laugh.

        Explosives and others means probably.
        “old news” has been one of the reasons Fetzer has aimed criticism at Roth. I think she’s on to something.
        “old news” can be revisted and revised and re-analysed…

        As for Reptilians, could be, the quantum world suggests imossible is impossible. but more importantly, will Arsenal beat Reading tonight. Icke was a tedious BBC grandstand anchor, but has become an engaging philosopher on the meaning of life… but, again each to my own.

        Cheers ears, don’t let the lizards bite!

      • ian says:

        Take care friend. I enjoy your comments.

  4. NPP says:

    Thank you Ian. What a pleasant comment – and unusal in this day and age. I am grateful.

    Let’s see if this posts… been having toruble on TAP today.

    PS try her books. She can be a hard bitch, but she seems to have been on the receiving end a great deal.

    Arsenal 2 Reading 0. Little things please…

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