Putin comes across saddened that the UK and US won’t work together with Russia as equals

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Putin slams Obama administration: They want puppets, not partners.

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Boris Johnson goes from being chief political clown to leading Brexiteer to head British war hawk, salivating at the chance of starting a World War.  He was on the side of freedom not long ago, or so he made out, saying that it would be better to be friends with Russia than enemies.  Now he’s secure in his Foreign Secretary role,  he’s spun right around in a matter of weeks, and wants British planes to shoot down Russian aircraft in Syria.  He helped to get rid of Cameron, helped to get Brexit, but now is the most dangerous person in Britain, bar none.  Michael Fallon, Minister Of Defence is a known war hawk snake in the grass.  Boris Johnson, like all the others, changes his tune the second the gets his hands on real power.  They know what they have to say to win power.  And they know what they have to do once they get their hands on it.  Will Trump be another one, should he win the Presidency?




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