NWO to launch WW3 the week before the US election


Jones’ analysis is chilling.  The US military is ready to follow orders to go to war to Russia, a war which has already been declared by the US permanent bureaucracy, bypassing Congress.  All the NWO rebellions such as Brexit, the collapsing EU, Russian and Syrian independence, and many others will not be permitted according to the cabal’s spokesmen.  A financial crisis is to be manipulated into being at the same time as cyber attacks are made, some to be false flag and blamed on Russia, to be followed military attacks.  Jones is distributing this video all over the net.  It seems like he knows what he’s talking about, and for once is not dramatising.  Whether he’s part of the media and is there to frighten people into inaction, or not, the facts of current world affairs are indeed bleak, and the system wants to reimpose its authority over the various rebellions against NWO power.


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