NSA Whistleblower Says DNC Hack Was Not Done By Russia, But By U.S. Intelligence!


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by IWB, on October 16th, 2016

by Pamela Williams

Former NSA staffer and famous whistleblower, William Binney, says the DNC hack was not done by Russia but by US Intelligence. Mainstream Media has not widely reported this. Binney has a stellar background and is considered to be a rock solid security analyst. He was the initial whistleblower, followed by Edward Snowden, and presently Julian Assange.

When Binney came out in 2012, he was not taken seriously until Edward Snowden came forward. Back in 2012 the American public was not ready to accept that their own government could betray them so badly. Now Binney’s word is considered to be flawless in its authenticity.

Binney was an originator of the NSA’s surveillance program. He became a whistleblower,resigning in October, 2001, after spending more than 30 years with the agency. He gave his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2011. He is definitely considered to be legitimate by the US Government.

In Clinton’s disregard for classified documents she risked lives of US Intelligence agents, and some of them were killed. Clinton had to know this might happen. Can you imagine having a President of the United States who would do something like that?


US government whistleblower William Binney threw his hat into the DNC hack ring by stating that the Democratic National Committee’s server was not hacked by Russia but by a disgruntled U.S. intelligence worker.  
the other point is that Hillary, according to an article published by the Observer in March of this year, has a problem with NSA because she compromised Gamma material.  Now that is the most sensitive material at NSA. And so there were a number of NSA officials complaining to the press or to the people who wrote the article that she did that. She lifted the material that was in her emails directly out of Gamma reporting. That is a direct compromise of the most sensitive material at the NSA. So she’s got a real problem there. So there are many people who have problems with what she has done in the past. So I don’t necessarily look at the Russians as the only one(s) who got into those emails.


Source: http://investmentwatchblog.com/nsa-whistleblower-says-dnc-hack-was-not-done-by-russia-but-by-u-s-intelligence/


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