Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday…. And again time for my weekly rant…

I have been sick on and off this last week… As I stated earlier in the week in a previous article, I have been suffering from a combination of a head cold that simply will not quit and of course with my almost annual bout of sinusitis… It seems that with the change in weather this time of year in central Canada towards a colder climate, I am always coming down with this damn illness….

However, this time it is a bit different, as I have been taking some proper supplements and taking better care of myself…. I of course am refusing to go to one of the quack doctors that will try to prescribe some “antibiotics” for this illness…. I have known for years the dangers of antibiotics and much like “vaccines” will not subject my body to those effects…. I have preferred to fight this properly and get more rest….. That is why there have been a few less articles this week at this blog… I figured that I would try to cover much of what I have missed in this rant….

I saw earlier this week where that idiot who calls himself the US President had the nerve to come forward and say that the war against Syria can be at least partially blamed on “Global Warming”…. I read the article about this ridiculous statement, and I could not believe that any idiot out there with even 1/2 a brain would make such a ludicrous statement, let alone it coming from the criminal President of the United States… This shows that not only is this criminal trying to deflect the criticism of how his administration and its failings, but is trying to deflect the fact that mass murdering freak of nature Hillary “Killary” Clinton during her time as Secretary of State, is absolutely fully responsible for causing the “civil war” that continues to tear Syria apart and has left hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians dead…. And yet here we have Barry Soetoro himself trying to sell the gullible masses to the idea that “Global Warming” is to blame for that death and destruction?  It should be obvious that this ridiculous statement was indeed said because the United States and so many other stupid nations actually signed off on resolutions this last week in Paris (while everyones’ focus was of course on Syria, and the ridiculous US elections of course….) and Barry needs something to convince the American people to swallow his push for carbon taxation and accept being fleeced once again based on lies…..

Yes, desperation is indeed the word to use these days to describe the US administration and its failings in its criminal and illegal war against the innocent nation of Syria…. The facts should be crystal clear that everyone around the world is indeed finally waking up to the truths about Syria and especially how the so called “terrorist groups” that are trying to destroy and dismember Syria are in fact operatives of the United States itself…. Yes, these “terrorist groups” are and always have been a fraud, and they have always been composed entirely of either US CIA/Israeli Mossad agents, or are high paid mercenaries under direct control of the United States itself…. And about these so called “rebels” and even the ridiculous idea that there are “moderate rebels”?  These are also US bought and paid for operatives and are as phoney as the “terrorists” themselves……

And about the war in Syria…. We all should be giving our support for the Syrian army and their Russian and Arabic allies, for they are fighting the just war to save a nation from the evils of the US/Israel/NATO cabal that has long wanted that nation destroyed….They are to me heroes in this fight and right now are kicking the asses of the fraud “terrorists” and “rebels”….  It is time for Americans to face the hard reality that their nation is not on the side of “good” in this fight, and should be doing their utmost to stop any further escalation in this conflict now before it leads to a global conflagration….

Someone asked me last week if I was serious that I would be celebrating when the Syrians took back Aleppo and basically defeated the US…. Absolutely!…. I do look forward shortly to the fact that the evil attempts by the US and Israel to destroy a peaceful nation will have failed in Syria… It could be a turning point in this war against the Jewish attempts for world dominion, and everyone should be celebrating!

Well, beyond the war in Syria, we have the continuing charade of the American Presidential race to have a few laughs about…. I for one am not surprised at all that the American people are now too stupid to see that this “election” will indeed be stolen, and that Hillary “Killary” Clinton will in fact be ordained come November as the next US President…. And why?  Simply because the majority of Americans are now too brainwashed and too ignorant to do anything while the criminal elite Jews and their minions work to change the votes that they are gullible enough to cast come November to swing the vote to Killary!

Honestly, I do have a good laugh when I see the “polls” in America showing that mass murdering freak of nature with a “5 point lead” over Donald Drumpf….. I have seen enough of the alternative media polls to see that Killary is in reality only getting about 10% support across America, while Donald has well over 80%…. But again, the companies that run the ballot machines are all controlled by the Jewish power elite, and they will simply switch enough of the votes this coming November to Killary to give her a victory by a “slight margin”……  The reality is of course that this will indeed happen and the American people will do NOTHING to stop it!

But again, does anyone actually think that there will be any real change even if Drumpf somehow wins in spite of the ballot fixing?   The man is a crooked businessman who made his billions off the backs of so many hard working Americans…. He is also a swindler who answers to his Jewish masters almost as badly as Killary does…. Again I must reiterate that a Drumpf Presidency will be “business as usual” for the criminal Jews that actually control and run America….  Therefore for those who think that there can be “change” in America if Drumpf is “elected” had better get their heads out of their asses!

And of course tonight we have the “second Presidential debate” that will once again show these two criminals vying for the Presidency… And I will bet anything that there will be just as many shenanigans as what occurred in the first “debate”….. I can guarantee that Killary will once again be given privy to all the ‘questions’ that will be asked in this “debate” and of course the focus and the bashing in this spectacle will all be on Donald Drumpf himself… Yes, the US jew spew media will once again show their true colours and their bias for Killary and it will indeed be a spectacle to observe…. I personally was not initially wanting to watch this fiasco tonight, but I figure it might be good for a few laughs so why not?

One last thing about this US Presidential Election fiasco… I did notice the other day how the Killary camp is now basically going all out with their latest slurs against Donald Drumpf, especially about how some 11 years ago he made some out of context remarks about women…. I honestly hope that the American people are not this stupid to fall for this one…. Lets face it, EVERYONE has made some remarks somewhere in their past that were said out of context, but that is in the distant past and those remarks should not be held like a loaded gun to anyone’s heads like what the so called Democrats are trying now against Drumpf some 11 years later!  Honestly, is this the best that the criminals can come up with to try to stop the Drumpf “steamroller” and to try to turn the tide in Killary’s collapsing campaign?   Pathetic is definitely the word to use here…..

OK, I was wanting to leave this one for my “last minute tidbits”, but it was too good to miss and shows how truly brain dead most Americans truly are… And of course I am talking about my favourite target in all of my weekend rants, none other than Kim Kardashian and the supposed “robbery” in her hotel room in Paris last week… Honestly, when I took a closer look at what supposedly happened in this “robbery” yesterday, I howled… First, why would even this skank have some $10 MILLION in jewelry on her person in a hotel room in Paris France?  Only an idiot would carry that much valuable jewelry on a freaking trip…And WHY would this idiot, if she needed to have all that jewelry, not place it in a hotel safe or safety deposit box for safe keeping and for insurance?  When I read about that, I immediately smelled a rat, and I do wonder if this entire “robbery” is either a hoax, or was indeed a set up from the word go……This entire “robbery” stinks, and I would not put it past these freaks to have this as an “attention getter” for the Kardashians themselves… Lets face it for Kim Kardashian above everything else is an ‘attention hound” who loves the public attention, and this “robbery” could be just another attention getter!…. Then there is the fact that this “robbery” was timed perfectly for the exact moment when Kim’s own private body guard was not around!  THAT also means that this was a set up, and again I would not put it past these Kardashian freaks to partake in this hoax for attention…..

Well, guess what?  The Kardashian “robbery” in Paris did indeed grab the attention of the dumb ass American public, and it filled so much of the media over the last week…. It was in all the news and  even above the US pushing for bombing Syria and risking a world war with Russia, the failing US economy, the fraud Presidential election crap, etc….. And people wonder why I put a bullseye on these Kardashian freaks every week?  Well, now you all have your answer…..

One thing that I did want to mention before I get onto my last minute tidbits… I was watching all the hoopla over the Jew spew media these last few days about Hurricane Matthew and its hitting the American Atlantic coast in Florida, and quite honestly I am siding with Jim Stone over at, on this one… It appears that the liars in the media were hyping this “hurricane” to be beyond what it really was, and all it appears to have been when it actually hit the Florida coast was a large tropical depression and therefore a tropical storm…..Just like that Hurricane Patricia that supposedly hit the Mexican Pacific coast last year that actually was a dud, this Matthew appears to be a dud as well…. And people may be asking WHY?   Well… I do hope that everyone caught all those so called “experts” that were quick to state on the Jew spew media outlets that these “hurricanes” were caused by, you guessed it, “Global Warming”!…. And the timing of this type of false fear mongering goes hand in hand with the increasing push for fraud carbon taxation to be implemented due to this fraud as well……. Yes, fear mongering is indeed a great psychological weapon…..

Well, I guess I have said enough…. I will again be spending much of today and tomorrow fighting off what is left of this head cold.  At least the sinus infection has cleared up…. And I will close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits here……….I see that Killary Clinton was invited to a $100,000 a plate dinner with her masters, the Rothschilds, last week.  THIS alone shows exactly who this mass murdering freak of nature actually answers to, and again if she becomes President, I do pray for the American people……….Someone hung a huge banner on a bridge in New York City that praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as a Peacemaker.  This shows that not every American is that brainwashed by the lies of their government and jew spew media, for Putin is indeed the real peacemaker on the planet right now (or so it seems)……Reports are now coming out about how the people of Yemen are on the brink of famine and starvation due to the criminal actions of Saudi Arabia and especially the United States.  Yes, while so much media attention was focused on that skank Kim Kardashian last week, there are millions of innocent people living in Yemen that are about to die and nobody seems to give a damn!……….There has been talk about a “October Surprise” that may yet happen somewhere on the planet that will not only change the US’s failed war in Syria but also guarantee Killary Clinton the Presidency.  I smell a “false flag” coming, and this one could be the worse one yet created by the US……….I see the criminal Israelis again launched new airstrikes into the Gaza Strip after some of their agent provocateurs once again lobbed a few bottle rockets into Israel itself.  Once again these psychos in Israel pull this stunt and as usual they want world sympathy?  People are no longer fooled……..I noticed that the criminal and most diabolical “Trans Pacific Partnership agreement” is still a go, and yet we see that the US Congress itself refused to sign that agreement basically killing it?  So how can the “agreement” still be on the table?  And WHY is Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, still pushing it?……….Yes, someone said to me last week that I could have fought off the cold I suffered from by going and getting a “flu shot”!.  Honestly, I did not know what to say when this person said that to me, and I thought to myself: “Are people really that badly brainwashed?”.  Yes, we all still have our work cut out for us to show the truth that vaccines do NOT work and are poison to our bodies!……..I noticed again this last week all the terrible reports about the illegal migrants rampaging in Europe and basically destroying most European nations.  I have a message for everyone again:  Send those migrants back to what ever hell hole they came from, for there is NO place for any of them in Europe!……. Someone complained to me last week that I was not “politically correct” in what I write. Well, I honestly do not give a damn, for I will call a spade a spade, a Nigger a nigger if need be, and a Jew a Jew, etc, etc, etc.  I am sick of “political correctness” for it has no place in our society and is being used to suffocate free speech.  Therefore, FUCK political correctness!………A week off for Arsenal and I am going through soccer withdrawals.  Oh well, maybe I can stomach an NFL game for a change.  Someone asked me who I see winning Super Bowl LI this February.  Too early to tell, but the Minnesota Vikings look good……….And finally, what the heck, another shot at the Kardashians.  It seems that now after this “robbery” in Paris and poor Kim being so shook up, their crappy reality show, “Keeping Up With These Skanks”, has been put on temporary hold.  I say good, for it may give the dumbed down Americans a chance to flip the channel on their brainwashing Talmudvisions and actually find out what is really happening around the world for a change.   Lets hope this Kardashian “hiatus” becomes permanent!


4 Responses to “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 9th, 2016”

  1. driver47a says:

    Dear Gordon, good morning from Ningbo China, the freeist country I’ve ever lived in. Smoke where I want, drink where I want. A recent advert for teachers at a new international school stated in capitals that, blacks need not apply. Political correctness has not yet fully reached here and I hope it never does and you’ll be happy to hear no one knows who those skanks are either. Love the rants and hope you feel better soon.

    • archer says:

      Are there any blacks in China?

      • driver47a says:

        Yes but not too many, they make no demands and definitely do not scream racism every 5 minutes. If they did they would be deported very quickly. China is safe and not because they are scared of the government it’s because the people respect each other and wish to live in peace.

  2. driver47a says:

    Forgot to add that has a heading asking for donations to the American Red Cross for people affected by hurricane Matthew.

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