MSNBC opens fire on the Clintons as Wikileaks releases hit home

October 27, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – I never thought I would see hardcore liberal, Democrat MSNBC hosts publicly trash the Clintons, but it just happened today on the network’s Morning Joe show. The panel of commentators were seen shaking their heads in disbelief over today’s Front-page New York Times and Washington Post reports quoting Wikileaks emails involving Clinton Campaign manager John Podesta proving gross abuse of office and likely major criminal activities by the Clintons.

I will quote some of this 20-minute trashing of the “sleazy” Clintons, and even astonishing defense of the Trumps in comparison to the Clinton’s “ethical and moral deficit”, but you have to watch the video to understand the inevitable sea-change that is about to happen within the liberal camps regarding the Clintons.

Program host, Joe Scarborough, starts off stating,

“Whoah! This Clinton leak thing. Look at this! The New York Times, ‘Concerns Over Donations to the Clinton Foundation Vexed Top Clinton Aides.’ We’re just absolutely horrified what they [the Clintons] have gotten themselves involved into, that they walked into this campaign with all this and I guess it verifies what you [another panel member] said at one point yesterday, the belief of everybody that ‘there is no fixing this, there is no quick fix, there is no good answer’.”

Scarbough goes on, “The Washington Post is absolutely fascinating on Bill Clinton. $66 million dollars to him personally, and they’re bragging. They’re bragging in the memo that they can shake down the same corporations that they’re taking foundation money from, that they can shake them down for $66 million dollars for quote, Bill Clinton, Bill and Hillary Clinton personally.”

Scarborough then asks, Glaude Jr., Chair, Dept. of African American Studies at Princeton, “Does that confirm what you and a lot of Clinton sceptics that supported Bernie Sanders were worried about all along?”

Glaude replies, at first hesitatingly,  “Well, it’s certainly, um, Yes! One of the things that we do know is that there is evidence that confirms a deep suspicion that there is an ethical deficit that defines how they operate in the political domain, how they operate generally – an ethical and moral deficit.”

An “ethical and moral deficit.” He could not bring himself to say that this is in fact likely illegal, criminal activity by the Clintons.

“They’re actually bragging about being able to shake down Foundation clients for Bill Clinton money. Doug Band is bragging about it,” repeats Scarborough.

Doug Band, a former aid to the Clintons, co-founded Teneo, a consulting firm that operates to specifically raise funds for the Clintons.

Panel member Willie Geist reveals another shocker. He says, “You know what’s really interesting is that this was initiated by Chelsea Clinton, Chelsea Clinton went to the family’s attorneys and said that she was worried that Doug Band was, quote,’hustling’, that he was hustling business and funnelling it to her father.”

Scarborough understands Band was doing what the Clintons were directing him to do, stating, “Does anyone in America believe that Doug Band would be doing anything that Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t want Doug Band to do?”

Mika Brzezinski follows up with, “It’s one these situations, when you really get through it, and we will look at it point by point. You have to wonder about being  careful about throwing stones, because I love the way everyone calls the Trumps, you know, ‘sleazy’, ‘trashy’, whatever because of a picture and money they take from one company and give to another as a donation, as opposed to their own money, all legal.”

Well, what do you know! What the Trumps did is finally acknowledged as being legal, while it is becoming unavoidably clear that the real “sleazy” ones are the Clintons.

Referring back to the Clintons, Scarborough charges, “This is sleazy and everybody knows it’s sleazy. The world is used, you are shaking down the world for $66 million dollars instead of a Rolex watch and a life-sized portrait,” comparing the previous liberal bashing of Trump over those two items he recieved as being nothing compared to the multi-millions of the illegal Clinton transactions.

And it goes on. Watch the full video.

And here is another one from CNN:

The Clintons, especially thanks to Wikileaks, are finally getting their due. The world is waking up to this nefarious couple and the picture is getting progressively uglier.


OPINION: they probably did at least threaten Pence by tampering with his plane’s controls and making it go off the runway.

The MSM turned on Hillary. The FBI turned on Hillary. WANT TO KNOW WHY? Because in Florida, where they flipped a HUGE number of votes, Trump still had 68 percent of the vote. Nationwide they did not have the vote scam machines everywhere, and when that got averaged in, Trump took 82 percent of the votes nationwide EVEN WITH THE STOLEN VOTES SUBTRACTED FROM THE AVERAGE. THE FBI, FOX, CNN, EVERYONE ELSE KNEW THE GIG WAS UP AND IS NOW ONLY MOVING TO SAY “SORRY” SO THEY DON’T GO TO JAIL.

Well, I’ve got news for you: They are still the same lying despicable malfunctioning trash scum they always were, THEY SHOWED THEIR WORTH and we would be IDIOTS to forgive them no matter how badly they burn Hillary.

CNN is despicable trash, we all witnessed it, NEVER FORGIVE THEM, because they have proven their worth already. No matter what they do, they can’t recover from what they have done, they are garbage, a disease, bleach worthy filth and I hope Trump ERASES THEM. DITTO FOR ALL of the rest of the MSM, including the Huffington Post, Snopes, ABCCBSFOXYOUNAMEIT ALL of them are the lowest of filth that is now heading for the darkness of the nearest sewer to get away from the coming bulldozer.

THE FBI is a trash agency, along with the rest of American intelligence, which only works to serve the enemy for as long as it thinks it’s head will not be cut off. ALL of the FBI MUST BE DISBANDED and EVERYONE in the FBI should be blackballed and never allowed to work again, with the top echelons jailed for life for treason. They lied about 911 AND THEY KNEW IT, and have proven they serve one purpose: To protect evil. Ditto for the CIA, the NSA, the DHS, the TSA and all the rest of the trash. All of it needs to go, there is not one fragment of it that should be salvaged.

So they are all running like rats for cover, they know they blew it, they know they are going to be bagged for heinous crimes against America now they are putting on the biggest fakest show the world will ever witness. As if they cared! They never did care and I hope to God Trump has a memory longer than the average jar head and bags every last one of them when he has his day. They had BETTER run for the gates and ditch the country just like they said they would if he got elected, because if not, they are heading straight to the gates of justice.

I would like to thank everyone in the Alt media who made this happen. And I would also like to say that I said it all along as it was and NEVER backed off – Hillary never had more than 8 percent national support, this is something I said repeatedly – that Trump was always 80+ percent supported and I never wavered and never once posted bullshit like OH, LET’S REJOICE, TRUMP IS AT 51 PERCENT! That was always a trap – a scam, to justify stealing the election and I called it as it was.

Our job is not over

The rot is there. It is deeply rooted with fungus roots running all the way through the country. One bottle of bleach is not going to do more than spot clean the surface. We won this battle and it is NOT time to sit down. The Alt media cannot rest until CNN and all of the rest of the MSM is either bankrupted or jailed. The Alt media CANNOT rest for as long as Google is allowed to wage war on web sites like this one by refusing to allow it ads. If this web site was allowed ads, it would easily self fund with $12,000 plus per month (and would probably have more than $24,000 per month.) Denial of ads just because someone disagrees and has a monopoly established via full control of various ad firms is a flagrant violation of anti trust laws, and has to be stopped dead cold.

The Alt media cannot stop until every last criminal in the FBI is jailed BY THE FBI. I am sick of the bait tactics and false flag psy ops fronted by that agency, heads have GOT TO ROLL, PILES OF THEM, especially since it has been proven that it was the FBI itself that did the first world trade center bombing with the full intent to bring one of the towers down. That’s the type of agency that has got to be shuttered or we are all toast, Trump or not. Yeah, I know YOU, at the FBI are reading this. GO TO HELL.

Our job will not be over until the CIA is cleaned out. Our job is not over until the American Bar Association is disbanded as the criminal blood sucking hive it is. Our job is not over until the top executives at the medical companies that produced the tainted autism inflicting vaccines hang with stretched necks. Our job will not be over until every last liberal arts and womens studies departments of all universities have their staffs jailed for treason. They gutted the home front in a manner which was horrific beyond belief. Our job is not over until all of America’s great libraries are fully restored after being totally wiped out by the Jews, and ALL scientific journals and works once again become fully free and public domain. Our job will not be over until the child snatching CPS is shut down and their feed for their slave trade is cut off. Our job will not be over until American corporations begin to fight for America and bring our jobs, and American quality back.

The list of what the Alt media needs to accomplish now that it appears the first huge battle has been won is practically endless. But I believe the alt media is up to the task, and will succeed as long as ONE THING IS CEMENTED IN STONE:


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