Locker room talk from more than a decade ago should not be allowed to threaten the survival of the United States

I just returned from Europe and find the Lamestream media is whipping the Sheeple into a frenzy over comments apparently made by Donald Trump more than a decade ago.  Locker room talk from another age?  My wife is a firm advocate of women’s rights but agrees, as I do, that this is a lame attempt at grasping at straws by someone who has a lot more skeletons than mere trash talk.  Look at what really matters to the actual survival of the United States and make no mistake about it, the survival of the US hangs in the balance.
Has Trump sold military secrets to our enemies? Has he lied repeatedly on just about everything?  Did he knowingly use an email server that could not be covered by FOIA requests?  Did he “lose” tens of thousands of emails when the government wanted to see them?  Has he allowed Russia to buy uranium manufacturing facilities?  Has he turned his back of four Americans crying out for help and when they were murdered then asked “What difference does it make?”
All things considered, I’ll take the guy with the foul mouth over one who will give the USA the final shove off the cliff that Barack Obama prepared.
Harry Cooper
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POLITICS – We got a flurry of replies after we sent the commentary to about 3,000 emails and asked they be send onward yesterday.  They were all in hard agreement with what we wrote and they covered a huge spectrum of people including cops, veterans, a couple retired Secret Service agents and even a female talk show host……all in solid agreement with what was said in the email.  And so here are some additional thoughts to ponder for the upcoming election in which the very existence of the USA hangs in the balance.  Here are just a handful of the comments:
You crystallized my thoughts most eloquently. I’d like to think that the obvious hatred of Trump by the lamestream media just further cements my backing for Trump. I wonder how many people are like me and do the opposite of what the news wants me to do. More than the media realizes do. But not enough I fear.
I agree men talk this way in the locker room but most are loving husbands. Woman talk this way about men too.  I think this is a low blow for the Clinton campaign. It can backfire on her. Trump needs to apologize at the debate tonight and then turn it around that this is a low tactic. We are here for the issues and not locker room banter.
Hi Harry!
Thought I would send you my thoughts on Trumps comments. I agree with you and your wife and I am a very opinionated female talk show host! ( as you know) lol.
     Perceived harm vs actual harm. The GOP doesn’t know the difference. No loyalty. Like sheep, everyone feeds into the globalists agenda and drinks from the media cup. Sensitivity to “words” said 11 years ago. They are so busy casting stones it sickening. And they are playing into the establishment goals. The establishment ALWAYS gets its way. They are turning on him so fast it’s like watching predictable dominoes fall in succession. THIS is what I would call deplorable.
     I’m just curious. In the court of public opinion, what exactly is Trump guilty of?  Being arrogant? Wanting to be with a married woman but not getting the opportunity? Saying naughty words? Being crass a decade ago? Telling someone chubby they had to slim down to be in a pageant? Did he hurt anyone, did he rape someone, is he linked to a murder or is he a pedophile? I’ve got a big box of stones ready to go. Just wondered why I am supposed to throw them at him?

“His comments were crude,offensive and indefensible. But they’re still not enough to make me vote for Hillary Clinton.”  Dr. Robert Jeffress on why he still supports Donald J. Trump.

NO SURPRISE – We did receive TWO requests to drop them from our email roster – just two out of some 3,000! Those are pretty good odds.  It is unfortunate that touchy-feely liberals cannot see things as they are.  They must run from anything that offends them.  As an interesting comparison, in June of 1944 young men on both sides were being killed on the beaches of Normandy in a terrible combat but they didnt flinch; they got tough and stood up to the challenge.  In November of 2016 liberals get offended and have to run to their safe place to sooth their ruffled feelings.  Get some balls America!  Wake up to the fact that the light at the end of Hillary’s tunnel is an onrushing train and the Sheeple are taught to just stand there awaiting the end. If you remember the movie The Time Machine you will remember how the Eloi walked mindlessly into the cavern to be eaten by the Morelocks.  The blank and empty look in their eyes is reflective of the mindless passion with which liberals defend Hillary because it is time for a woman in the White House?  Not this woman!!
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3 Responses to “Locker room talk from more than a decade ago should not be allowed to threaten the survival of the United States”

  1. Aldous says:

    It really is all quite pathetic isn’t it? The counterfeitjewsmedia are really desperate and in quite a circumcised turmoil.

    I think Harry Cooper/Hernando/sharkhunter hits the nail but misses the point; it’s Israel’s survival that hangs in the balance and not the USA.

    As long as this bastard Rothschild creation ‘called’ Israel exists – expressly forbidden by God if one wants to get Biblical about it – then Mankind is in dire peril. The hour of reckoning is close. God the Father’s patience is wearing thin and who can blame Him?

    Please don’t mock this stuff – or try not to. God is the Supreme Deity and Israel is a deliberate and abhorrent affront to Him by the Khazar satanist cabal. God is about to present His bill for this mockery; it won’t be pleasant.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Trump might make it to The White House. If he does and he talks with Russia, the day of reckoning might be delayed.

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