Lawrence – So, It’s Truth Bomb Time?


In the words of the collective: “The world is going insane and we can’t do anything about it… we’re powerless and we’re trapped!” Well, we can do one thing: realize that this is not a trap as much as it is light shining on darkness. Let’s step back, look at the flow, and see if there is a way to proceed.

Readers of this blog know that I often write about a day to come when consciousness expands and the pure light of truth is received with gratitude. This gratitude will be felt when love is the response to truth, i.e. “I love truth even if it makes me really uncomfortable, even if it reveals my secrets and flaws.” At the moment, the collective reaction to truth is fear, anger, denial and desperation. We say we want truth, but we fear it because it means we will change, and we’ll have to face the unknown. It’s like a little death.

This is deep stuff we’re going through, and people struggle to cope with the revelations. Experiencing one ‘truth bomb’ after another, scrambling to decide which of the polarities is safer, we are left in confusion and pain. I’ve heard the statement many times, “All I can do is pray.” Sometimes that is all we can do, so please do pray, continuously pray, but I would suggest that there is a more empowered way to pray now that Divinity has come home to the heart.

Prayer: as a child I would plead to someone out in the sky to intervene in my life, to forgive me and help me, to make me safe and take me to heaven when I die. To make sure my prayer was heard I would confess my sins. It turns out that was the hardest part – searching through the actions of a little child for sins. Later on I got busy being a teen, so I put aside those concerns.

Now, as an elder, prayer is back in my life… but with a difference. There is no pleading or asking favors. Instead, when I watch a video or read about what’s going on in the world and it impacts me emotionally, I’ll intentionally lift up my thoughts to the opposite, envisioning the balanced and healed world to come. I know, this seems like I’m merely raising my own energy. If it is just me doing me, does it bring the ‘world to come’ any closer? Yes, it does. If a hundred thousand continuously pray, well, that’s a significant impact on the collective.

In the past I’ve talked about teachers and guides that I have found on the Internet, and how I’m so grateful for the information that they make available. The prayer that I’ve been practicing cane from the Internet… it is something I learned from watching a Matt Khan video. It has really hit the spot as it is something to do personally, moment to moment. At this point in time, I think it’s a good idea to turn to those guides who have helped us in the past, and see where they’re at. We’ll need our skills to be strong, as this is spiritual battle.

We’re finding out that the shift in consciousness is not only an expansion, but it requires of us a courageous ‘face forward’ to embrace change. The part of me that fears is still here, and I appreciate that aspect… it’s honest. There are reasons for fear: all of us can see what’s happening, and we know there is even more looming. But now, as we turn, we bring our entire self forward, including the shadow aspects. This is courage. It comes from knowing that the heaven we envision, already IS. We’re walking to it and carrying it.

I’ve often thought about what is at the origin, i.e. what problem is humanity working out. Many others have looked at this as well, from quite a few angles. In previous writings I’ve said that the sky god has to be brought home, but why a sky god in the first place? We’ll talk more about that.

Recently we’ve had a look at a crucible of the feminine polarity, played out via the media. Yes, we can ignore media and gain a little peace of mind, but it’s also okay to read and watch, not for the twisted ‘news’, but in order to see the flow and take note of the misguidance. So here’s the story, and the crucible.

When I saw the Pitt-Jolie divorce drama emerge, I wondered… what is this man supposed to do? He has been crushed to dust. The incredible surprise attack was played out before the world, and by the way it unfolded, it seemed an intentional strike: Jolie attempting to destroy the aspect of her husband’s manhood tied to his public image. And she’s going for the father aspect too.

It won’t work, he’ll come through, and he’ll know a lot more about himself. So it’ll come out in his favor. I don’t know what she will learn. It seems she has structured an “I’m righteous” scenario, playing the role of modern or liberated mother. She may believe that she is doing motherhood right. I’m sure there are plenty of women who have done similar things, but the Jolie difference is that she has cultivated an ‘example for the world’ scenario and some viewers might see her as a teacher or guide.

The mother defends the child during an unjust attack by the father: I’ve personally seen this type of conflict break up relationships several times. Sometimes it’s the father defending the child from the mother. But in either case it is the feminine polarity taking the stand. In the past, and sometimes in the present, in cultures where the masculine sky god rules, the woman has little or no direct authority to intervene. So, either she will allow the child to be harmed, or she will use other, more subtle means that she has developed to protect the child.

The Jolie misdirection is an important one at this crucial time. A cold heart toward the masculine is not where we’re headed. Benevolence is a warm heart and a beautiful Way; it is the scale we’re stepping on as we proceed, and it is the aspect of the divine feminine that could have turned the Jolie scenario into a positive example.

As women step out of the subordinate position, and they begin to really explore potential that has been dormant, and as they express themselves in words or in behavior, some will bring forth benevolence, some will express anger, and some will show a cold heart, seeking to dismiss or harm the man.

I’d like to offer a perspective that I have come to over the years.

The woman’s time of being subordinate was for our evolution and perfection. To me, that is the truth of it. The subordinate role strengthened us incredibly, causing us, over time, to deepen and expand intuition and intellect. We have become so able to see into people, and we are so aware, strong and wise. When we embody love, then we are a Mother… not ‘modern liberated’ but instead, an enlightened one.

Everyone must change now that we know the outcome of the masculine polarity in control with the feminine as subordinate. The children, the earth, life itself – all innocence is unprotected if the protector is disempowered. Millions of men are aware of this and are coming to balance within themselves. To women I would say, as you see men rebalance, this is not your signal to dominate. The media, whose task is to encourage conflict, will uplift this error. It’s the wrong direction. What we have come through is not something we blame men for. It was agreed upon long ago… a necessity to bring about the shift.

We must have needed to experience the outcome of unbridled aggression stemming from survival fear. Kings, Popes, leaders of all sort went for power, and this was power not only over women, but over all who were less aggressive. Everything and everyone became a resource to be gained, exploited and controlled. Our world, the one that currently feels insane, is made from that experience.

Now we look at the feminine coming into the picture with the tools to build a new way. Benevolence is a new way. So, if we see the integrity and power of the heart, what can we do right now? Balance and unify the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves, turn about and face change with our whole being, protect the children and feed the hungry within our sphere, care for our bodies and the earth, support all peoples who have been and are being overrun and crippled by the aggression, grant love and respect to ourselves, and raise the energy in continuous Prayer.

Across the world people are doing these things and more, and that is the reason why many ‘ill’ examples are placed before us. The spiritual battle is real.

To sum it up, we are told that Jolie did what she did in order to protect the child or children. Is that the truth? No; there is more to it. She went a distance that truly protective mothers will not go: we will not seek to harm the father if he was not and is not seeking to harm the child. His intention matters, and we are certainly wise and intuitive enough to know what his intention is.

From what we were given, it appears this modern liberated woman chose to assert herself as dominant over the man and in control of him. When someone playing an ‘example mother’ role puts a negative, destructive thought out there into the collective about women and the feminine aspect, it’s something to notice and respond to. We are not evolving for the purpose of crushing the man or the masculine – we are expanding in order to unite with him as he expands.

When I was young, for a moment in time, ‘liberated woman’ was a hopeful term. Now it has come to mean ‘man hater’. Naturally we reject this, but where is right guidance? Fortunately it’s our very nature – centered in the heart. When we are relating to family or out in the world, expressing ourselves, we have the incredible opportunity to respond via a well-developed sense of what people need in order to heal and grow. We got that ‘sense’ from our experience, and it’s time realize what we have gained, and put it to use.

Truth and love, they are the mind and the heart coming into balance: the masculine and feminine as one. And then there is a third forward-moving energy. What would the child of the mind and heart be? On another level, that’s for sure. Let’s bring that creation into this world.




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