Julian Assange ‘Statement’ Not Good Enough, Public Wants WikiLeaks To #ShowUsJulian And Provide #ProofOfLife, The Virtual Silence Is Deafening

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October 23, 2016 by Ashley Hoffman

WikiLeaks informed their 3.86 million Twitter followers they will issue a statement about Julian Assange after claims of Assange being tortured or possibly dead, flooded the internet.

Well, a statement about Assange via Twitter isn’t good enough.

Update #1: WikiLeaks has issued a statement. Much of the statement speaks of Wikileaks operations and Ecuadorian policy in regards to WikiLeaks. Still, the public is pleading with the operator the Wikileaks Twitter account, to provide undeniable and irrefutable evidence that Julian Assange is alive and well.

Update #2: Wikileaks has released a poll, asking what kind of ‘Proof of Life’ the public would like. Currently, the votes are tied between an Assange video and an appearance at the window of the Ecuadorian Embassy. Many think an appearance at the window is too dangerous. However, others are suggesting a simple photo of Assange with a current newspaper.

Meanwhile, YouTube has been flooded with old videos of Assange dancing in a nightclub and a 2012 video of Assange giving a speech outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy. WikiLeaks, an online document leaking website, has received hundreds of inquiries on Twitter, regarding Assange by the hour.

How Can We Put The ‘Julian Assange Is Dead’ Rumors To Rest?

If Julian Assange were alive, he would put the rumors about his alleged torture and death to rest by now, social media users claim. Thousands are assuming Assange has been compromised in some way or has been apprehended by the authorities.

The Wikileaks Twitter account did not say “Julian Assange” is safe, they said, “We will issue a statement tomorrow about Assange…”

The statement continues on to say, “Our editor is safe and still in full command.”

Many were uncomfortable with the use of the word “Assange,” instead of “Julian.” Also, the use of the word “editor” confused many, as Julian is the founder of WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange’s safety is of much concern. Those concerned with Assange’s safety are beginning to panic, especially since WikiLeaks (instead of addressing Assange) posted more info about the new batch of leaked Podesta emails and Gavin MacFadyen’s movie credits.

To make matters worse, several days ago, WikiLeaks posted a photo of heavily armed police right outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Verifiable Proof Julian Assange Is Alive:

This #ProofOfLife can come in many forms, hundreds of suggestions have been made as to what will reassure the public of Assange’s safety and well-being. The hashtags #ShowUsJulian, #PardonJulian and #ProofOfLife have been trending in the WikiLeaks community. Here are a few ways Wikileaks can prove Julian Assange is alive and well:

Julian Assange Photographic And Video Proof Of Life:

The public is asking for photographic evidence of Julian Assange holding the newspaper with the current date.

Video proof in the form of a cell phone video or anything else could put these rumors to rest. A video with Julian Assange showing the current date has been highly requested on social media.

PGP Signed Document:

Others are insisting on a link to a PGP signed document. According to PGPI website,

“PGP uses a passphrase to encrypt your private key on your machine. Your private key is encrypted on your disk using a hash of your passphrase as the secret key. You use the passphrase to decrypt and use your private key. A passphrase should be hard for you to forget and difficult for others to guess.”

One WikiLeaks follower even said he would consider crowdfunding his way to London to investigate the safety of Julian Assange.

According to Ditch The Label website, spotting a catfish is easy when looking for signs. Constant spelling errors are a red flag.

“Language: We all make silly spelling mistakes (especially when autocorrect is involved), but if they’re making strange grammar and odd spelling mistakes continuously, (that would drive your primary school english teacher cray-zay) proceed with caution.”

No wonder so many are worried!

Wikileaks Director Gavin MacFadyen Dies Of Lung Cancer

The fact that Wikileaks director, Gavin MacFadyen died yesterday, October 22nd is not helping matters at all. Another mysterious death of a WikiLeaks associate has left many in complete shock.

Why are people questioning Gavin MacFadyen’s death?

The Centre initially did not mention a cause of death. Wikipedia briefly had an edit which said he died after a “short illness,” but that edit was later taken down.

The Centre now posts MacFadyen has died of lung cancer. We no longer have to wonder what “short illness” means.

Many are suspicious in the way WikiLeaks announced his death to the public. Wikileaks posted a single image of Macfadyen with no caption.

The misspellings of Gavin’s name, MacFadyen not MacFayden, has everyone even more suspicious about who runs the Wikileaks Twitter account.

Why would the account say it was a “bloody” year for WikiLeaks when Macfadyen died of a “short illness”?

Also, many wondered why Macfadyen’s death is listed as October 23rd, 2016 according to WikiLeaks Twitter account when his wife, Susan Benn, posted a tribute via their website on October 22nd, 2016. This however, can be attributed to the time difference in various parts of the world. Even so, conspiracy theories ran wild.

MacFadyen, the founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, was 70-years-old.

Julian Assange, 45, has a background is in physics, mathematics, and computer programming, best known for his work with WikiLeaks. Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, after a woman accused him of sexual assault, and another of rape, according to a 2010 article from The Guardian. The rape charge was revoked a few days later for lack of evidence, however, the lesser charge of sexual assault has remained.

Interesting Fact: The name ‘Julian’ is said to be related to the Roman god, ‘Jupiter.’ Jupiter presided over the heavens and light, and was responsible for the protection and laws of the Roman state. In the astrological world, Jupiter is a planet which rules higher learning.

“Jupiter is a planet which rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually.”

The public awaits #ProofOfLife from Assange himself.

What other ways can WikiLeaks help to prove Julian Assange’s safety to reassure the public?

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Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/3632114/julian-assange-wikileaks-twitter-showusjulian-proofoflife-pardonjulian-gavin-macfadyen/


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