Josh ‘Trump’ / ‘UKIP’ Smith Slams Politicians & Clinton On BBC

It is remarkable that Trump is being castigated, vilified, hit upon for his inappropriate behaviour by, of all people, the Clintons. It is remarkable that apparently well educated, supposedly intelligent people become intensely upset at the slightest sniff of impropriety by anyone, still blindly believe in Bill.

TAP, this is post worthy surely… it was entertaining at the time of the live broadcast:
This Question Time Audience Member Thinks Donald Trump Is Bloody Brilliant:
‘I like him’ Teenage Question Time audience member defends Donald Trump and blasts Clinton:

Just for the record:
The New Clinton Chronicles:
… what if Donald were to take Cathy O’Brien to his next debate?
Roseanne Barr opens for Cathy O’Brien on MKULTRA Mind Control
The Cathy O’Brien Story – The Most Dangerous Game
Hillary Clinton forced Cathy O’Brien to have sex with her :

Well BBC, you have presented allegations regarding Trump. Is Cathy dismissed before even being considered?

The mind boggles. Can anyone post anything to the net? Can anything be presented by the BBC? Which do you trust most?


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