Jill Stein is doing vastly better than the corporate media is letting on. Last night my “We the People – Election 2016” app had Jill nationally with 31%, Trump leading with 38% , and HRC with 18%.


[–]chickyrogue 43 points 3 hours ago

they are deliberately underreporting jill because they plan on stealing her votes electronically

someone should demand oversight and hand counting

watch hillary lose in a landslide but we would still have our first female president!!!!!!

Jill never Hill

[–]sons_of_many_bitches 9 points 2 hours ago

I’m in the uk and didn’t even know this woman existed never mind was running for president, I thought it was just trump and Clinton.

[–]sjwking 2 points 2 hours ago

Why do you watch television?


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