Intractable US/Russia Agendas in Syria

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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

by Stephen Lendman
Russia intends pursuing diplomatic conflict resolution no matter the futility of trying. “We are not giving up and will spare no effort to have…Security Council resolutions (on Syria) implemented,” Sergey Lavrov explained.
America’s sole objective is regime change. No alternatives exist. War won’t end until it prevails or unless Russia and Syria defeat its scourge militarily.
Diplomacy with an adversary bent on world conquest and dominance represents an exercise in futility. Whatever America agrees to, it systematically breaches, at times straightaway like in Syria.
Irreconcilable differences separate both sides. Endless diplomatic talks won’t change things. Why Russia persists knowing they won’t succeed defies explanation. Lavrov himself admitted Washington sabotaged Geneva ceasefire terms he worked tirelessly to implement.
Kerry explained where Washington is headed, saying it wants “the grounding of Syrian and Russian combat aircraft” in designated areas – giving US-led “coalition” warplanes exclusive aerial rights over strategically important Aleppo airspace to support terrorist operations against Syrian ground forces.
On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Washington breached what it agreed to in Geneva, proving again it can’t be trusted.
Assad said liberating Syria will deal a major blow to US imperial ambitions. It’ll motivate other oppressed people to rebel for freedom.
He accused Washington of imposing its will forcefully on independent nations it doesn’t control, threatening world peace. Challenging its agenda may be humanity’s only chance to survive.
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