Hillary Clinton wants to serve as a SUICIDE CULT LEADER for the final chapter of the destruction of America

Hillary Clinton

(NaturalNews) We saw it all in the debate last night. Hillary Clinton wants background checks for gun purchases but not for immigrants. She’s completely clueless about why Obamacare is imploding and wants us all to believe that her NEW promises on “fixing” the failed system will be more credible than the OLD promises that turned out to be fraudulent lies.

Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar who lies about lying. When caught lying, she proclaims her accuser is the liar and that she alone has a monopoly on the truth. But it’s far worse than that, really. When you look at her policies, the “hatred in her heart” pointed out by Trump, the criminality, the money laundering, the threats against female victims of Bill’s sexual assaults, the violation of national security laws and the psychopathic personality she exhibits, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton wants to be the leader of America’s SUICIDE CULT.

“The madness of liberalism has almost no bounds. You’ve heard me call it a mental disease, and it’s that — and more. It’s a suicidal cult,” says Michael Savage in his new book Scorched Earth – Restoring the Country after Obama.

“Liberalism itself is a religion, and it’s a suicidal one — everywhere you turn. Jerry Brown signing a euthanasia bill and acting as though it’s something wholesome and good for the people. We know what it is. It’s a death cult. Jerry Brown is leading a death cult in the state of California, and, typically, progressives always hold up their madness as something progressive.”

What Jerry Brown is doing to California, Hillary Clinton wants to do for the entire nation. The suicide will be initiated from many simultaneous vectors. Let’s examine them.

Hillary Clinton’s suicide pact for destroying America

#1) Economic suicide

With Hillary leading the liberal suicide cult, America’s national debt will continue to skyrocket while joblessness and homelessness worsen across the country. Hillary is economically illiterate and has never run a company or earned an honest dollar in her entire life.

#2) Cultural suicide

Under Clinton the cult leader, America will continue its insane descent into transgenderism worship, LGBT bigotry toward straight people, racially motivated attacks against Caucasians, Black Lives Matter executions of police officers and open race wars in the streets of America’s cities. While all this is happening, Hillary will continue Obama’s absurd policy of demanding “sensitivity” toward radical Islamic terrorists while replacing straight white Christians in the military with gay pride soldiers and commanders who think the purpose of a military is to serve as an exhibitionist platform for “progressivism.”

#3) Health care suicide

Obamacare is already in the accelerated end stages of crashing and burning. Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, your monthly health insurance costs would double in just four years, and the deductibles for many families would rise to $25,000 or more. Like all brain dead democrats, Hillary would force employers to pay even more money to cover employees, resulting in massive job losses, offshoring and the slashing of full time workers to part time workers.

#4) Vaccine suicide

Never forget that Hillary Clinton is pro vaccine. She thinks vaccines should be injected into every man, woman and child even without their consent. Hillary is the queen of the medical police state, and she thinks nothing of using government coercion (gunpoint medicine) to force people to destroy the health of their children with mandated, destructive medical interventions. (Plus, Big Pharma donates huge money to her campaigns… surprised?)

#5) Open Borders suicide

It has now come out in the leaked Podesta emails that Hillary Clinton wants “open borders,” meaning she wants to eliminate America’s borders entirely. By obliterating national borders, she will achieve Obama’s ultimate goal of occupying and overrunning America with enemies who will destroy it from within. Under a Clinton regime, America would become a festering beachhead for Islamic terrorists and a human wave of impoverished, disease-ridden illegals from South America who want all the free food stamps, free housing, free health care and free education benefits that democrats are handing out like candy (without any clue how to ultimately pay for it all, because democrats are economically illiterate).

#6) National defense suicide

Obama has already decimated the U.S. military, and it’s all deliberate. He laundered $1.7 billion in cash to hand it over to Iran, a terrorist state with nuclear ambitions. He purged Constitutional commanders out of the high ranking positions across the armed services. And Clinton, for her part, wholly violated national security laws by running her own private, non-secured email server where she openly trafficked classified documents that could be easily intercepted or hacked by almost anyone. If you put Hillary Clinton “the suicide cult leader” into the White House, she’ll finish the job that Obama started… the job of gutting America from the inside out, obliterating it and making it ready for enemy occupation.

#7) Education suicide

Under Hillary, America’s failed education system would continue to be monopolized by incompetent government and the deeply corrupt NEA. School choice will never be offered to parents, because cultists like Hillary don’t want the poorest Americans to ever learn so much that they figure out the poverty trap scams of the liberals. Expect an acceleration of the Common Core agenda, which now praises children for getting the WRONG answers on math problems, as long as they “feel strongly” about their reasons for failure.

Liberalism is an auto-immune disorder

“No nation in history has ever done to itself what this nation is doing to itself right now,” says Michael Savage. “When you see article after article telling people who are white to be ashamed of their race by people who claim not to be racist, if that’s not insanity, tell me what is. When you see radical sick feminists attacking boys and saying that large muscles are a sign of aggressiveness, tell me that’s not mental illness. Tell me what is going to be required to save this nation from self destruction.”

In his book Scorched Earth – Restoring the Country after Obama, Savage goes on to explain:

This is a nation deep in the throes of an illness. It would be too easy to call it a mental illness, which I’ve done since 2005: liberalism as a mental disorder. I’ve redefined the illness America’s suffering from as an autoimmune disease. America is suffering the equivalent of political AIDS. It is an autoimmune disease in which a retrovirus has invaded the country and encrypted itself into the DNA of the nation, has replicated itself, and is destroying the nation from within. The virus is called the Democratic socialist party. That is the virus that has invaded this country, that is destroying the nation from within. Now, if you want more of it, go vote for Grandma. Go vote for Grandma if more social breakdown is what you want. That’s what you’re going to get. Where cop killers are invited to her White House as the police they killed are buried.

Meanwhile, CNN just got caught on a hot mic COACHING their so-called “live audience” to robotically repeat Hillary’s scripted lines. So hilarious. When it comes to CNN, everything is rigged. CNN is nothing but political theater for morons.

No matter who gets elected, NEVER give up your Second Amendment… and keep stockpiling guns and ammo for the day you need to defend your nation against all enemies

The solution to all this? ARMED CITIZENS.

Armed citizens drive the mentally deranged liberals absolutely nuts. They can’t stand the fact that armed citizens can stand in their own defense against all sorts of threats, from a tyrannical government regime to an invasion by a foreign enemy or a wave of terrorists.

No citizen is a real citizen unless she’s ARMED. Only then does a citizen attain the proper balance of power that’s a necessary condition for a truly free society. And those who try to take away the Second Amendment from the citizens should be revoked of citizenship and expelled from the country, because they don’t qualify to be Americans. (Send ’em to Mexico, since they love crossing the border so much…)

As Savage relates:

Remember when National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston told gun opponents they’d have to pry his gun from his cold, dead hands? That should be our motto, your motto. Never give up your weapon. Never give up your weapon to one of the Nazis in this government. Never. It’s the only reason that ISIS will never take over this country. It’s because of an armed civilian population. It’s the reason it has been able to rampage across Europe, because the French have been disarmed, the British have been disarmed. The citizens of Europe are afraid of ISIS. But they won’t be afraid much longer. They won’t be afraid much longer because the revolution is brewing in Europe. Unfortunately for them, they have no way to defend themselves other than with their fists and their brains because the Obamas of Europe stole their guns a long time ago — as they did in Australia, by the way.


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