Heart disease is best treated with diet

Heart surgery can save your life if you get there within 90 minutes of a heart attack.  A fresh blood clot can be got rid of with drugs.  After six hours it’s too late.  The surgery will more likely kill you than save you.  There is no benefit in medicating.

This doctor refused to be taken to hospital when he collapsed.  In this video he explains why.  Heart disease/surgery is the most profitable part of most hospitals’ operations earning 80% of their money.  They’re quick to diagnose.  Patients are self referred.  The doctors find it fun treating old scars which are harmless making big money.  It is food poisoning that kills.

The cardiac calcium scam business.  Read book called The Widow Maker, available on Amazon.  This is a criminal business, killing thousands every year unnecessarily.  All studies say the same thing.  The treatment does not work.  It just makes big money.  The business has no interest in your future.  Do not agree to be treated.  You will suffer unnecessarily.  You can reverse coronary heart disease with diet most effectively.


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