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This headline appeared in the list authored by NPP with no text.  It seems many are experiencing difficulty commenting on The Tap.  It’s a sign of the pre-election period, it seems.   The mostly anti-Clinton stance taken by posters and commenters is sufficient to bring in the censors.  The Deep State with its power to censor the whole of the internet is clearly pro-Clinton.  We’re just getting our share of interference.

In the current electoral battle, the independent alternative media is pro-Trump.  No one knows for sure if he’s anything other than the next to sell-out, but like with Brexit, it’s the only chance of breaking the system that’s on offer currently.  He may be a womaniser, but who cares?  Those he’s sets his sights on are adults.   Better that way than the normal paedophile, psychopath, child-killing and sacrificing politician.  He’s not a politician.  How often do you get a chance to vote in someone from outside the system?

Commenters should persevere.  Try logging in again after copying your comment.  Or email.  Don’t give up.  Log in. Paste.  Be gone.  Do it quick.


From NPP –

“Trump’s not a Republican candidate – he’s fundamentally an independent…”

Turks are responsible for their government. The septic tanks (Cockney rhyming innit… ) are responsible for their US government. We here in Blighty are responsible and get the government we deserve…. regardless of nationality, we have been collectively stupid for years.
Recently, in Blighty, UKIP, Brexit and Corbyn have indicated a backlash toward the establishment bastards who lie, war, lie, war, lie,war…


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