Guess Who’s Sex Tapes Have Just Been Released

You guessed it – we can’t say his name but we will call him The Big B – Or, Billy C.

Apparently the Israeli Massod has been setting up politicians all over the world so they can Black Mail them to support Israel.

This is what Satanists (Lucifarans) do – they will create the most perverted, sexually decrepit situation and lead politicians into this trap and then they record it and hold it over their heads in the future.

So these Lucifarians (Satanist) place in political office those that they can control.

In this situation – now that everything is being exposed – the Massod is attempting to kill the Hillary’s Campaign because she plans on a full scale Nuclear War as soon as she is elected and these Massod Agents – as perverted as they are – do not wish to die in a Nuclear Blast.

In this little Israeli Massod extravaganza the Bill Clinton’s  Sex Tapes are now about being released and apparently Hillary destroyed the women who objected to being raped.

Next – as we stated would happen years ago –  all of Hillary’s Sex Tapes are about to be released if she does not step back. She, and her 3 doubles, are furious.

Apparently Donald Trump never had sex with underaged women although he apparently does like women.

So here is the Democratic National Committee (Democratic Socialist Party) Email that explains their campaign strategy and due to the release to more Hillary Emails it has backfired.

((((Democratic Socialist Party – Nazhional. Zozhaleesm. –  NAZI, Supporter of the KKK, Congressman Robert Bird one of Hillary‘s Mentors and Grand KKK Masters – Ring a Bell???)))

To add insult to injury Donald had 4 Clinton Victims who had all been raped – 3 by Billry and 1 by a friend of Hillary’s who she defended and – despite his admission of guilt in court – Hillry got him off Scott Free.

People are waking up now – we are opening our eyes and we do not like what we are seeing

During the debate last night these women sat up front. What you should notice is that the woman sitting behind them still supports Hillry despite sitting next to the Clinton Victims?????

The 5% that still support Hillary do not care how evil and corrupt Billry and Hillry and their handlers are – they have NO morals.

Whether they are Draconians or Demon Possessed does not really matter. What matters is that they are evil to the core. They do not feel like you and I and what is in them is from the Pits Of Hell.


So we pray that GOD intervenes – first by exposing them and next by either turning them back to GOD or throwing them back into the pit from whence they came.

Until this evil is eliminated they can still do allot of damage.

By the way – thanks in part to your prayers the storms over Florida and Japan have been diverted. Hurricane Mathew is dead.

If you pantry is full and you feel good you will have so much more ease about life.

So please pray that your family is ready for whatever these Evil Ones can throw at us.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Donald Trump unveils FOUR Clinton ‘sex victims’ before the presidential debate | Daily Mail Online


FRONT ROW SEATS: Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathy Shelton were given prominent seats by the Trump campaign




GHOSTS FROM THE CLINTONS' PAST: (L-R) Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Donald Trump, Kathy Shelton and Paula Jones held a photo-op in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday before the second presidential debate



Photos: Daily Mail Online



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