Ever Notice Comedians Don’t Make Jokes About Hillary? Jeff Dunham Explains Why!

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Comedians tend to poke more fun at Donald Trump than they do Hillary Clinton, Jeff Dunham has an explanation for this – and it may not be the reason you think.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter, Peanut and Bubba J explain in the hilarious video below that Hillary is off limits because they don’t want to end up dead.


There are plenty of examples of people who challenged Hillary Clinton and then have an early trip to the morgue. This excuse actually makes sense!

There is a lot of truth in comedy. And with so many dead Clinton associates, that’s the case here too. Nobody wants to be another statistic added to the Clinton Body Count.

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Source: http://www.tmn.today/2016/09/ever-notice-comedians-dont-make-jokes-about-hillary-jeff-dunham-explains-why/


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