Even More Cheating: Email Proves Interim DNC Chair Fed Town Hall Questions to Hillary in Advance



The media is in overdrive trying to ignore the death by a thousand cuts wealth of info falling out of the Wikileaks Podesta email dumps.

Now, on top of everything else (which is saying a lot), it has also come out that interim DNC chair Donna Brazile likely obtained questions to a Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary CNN/TV One town hall and fed them to Hillary’s campaign people in advance.

CNN, of course, is pointing the fingers at TV One but come on, they don’t call it the Clinton News Network for nothing.

According to Politico,

The email obtained by POLITICO was written by town hall co-moderator Roland Martin on the day of the town hall to CNN producers. But it shows him using word for word the language of a question that Brazile appeared to have sent to the Clinton campaign a day earlier. That email, from Brazile to the campaign, was included in yesterday’s release of hacked emails by Wikileaks of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The exact question, word-for-word, was tossed around between all of these people in the lead up to the town hall, and then a paraphrased version of it magically popped out of the mouth of an audience member introduced by Martin who asked the question to Hillary at the town hall.

Everyone is dodging this bullet, including Brazile, Martin, CNN, and TV One. When asked about it, Martin first claimed he never shared anything but when confronted with the emails, he admitted sharing them with CNN. Brazile is tossing her blame back at the Russian government who she says everyone knows is responsible for the Wikileaks hacks in order to ‘interfere with our election’.

If that’s true, which most people don’t believe it is, then the Russian government has done us a favor by showing the American people plainly and simply that we do not have even remotely fair elections in this country.

This has openly been the most obviously cheated, rigged, stolen, fraudulent, fake election possibly in the history of American politics.

The sad part is so much evidence has come out now that the entire thing deserves a do-over that in a sane world, that would already be happening. Instead, Hillary is still stomping her way toward the White House with full knowledge that no amount of disclosure of her misdeeds can stop her.

Source: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/even-more-cheating-email-proves-interim-dnc-chair-fed-town-hall-questions-to-hillary-in-advance_102016


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