Elite Filipino Colleges set up as opponents to Duterte’s anti-drugs war

I wrote in reply to one supporter of the statements being issued by the elite educational establishments –

Colleges are set up for the purpose of creating an echelon to control the plebs. Ethos and beliefs are instilled to maintain the system, which the secret cabals at the top of world power require to be maintained. When the system is failing (from the point of view of the masses) and the plebs want to fight back against the system, the collegiate body that’s been created will be called on to reimpose the system that’s being challenged.

The fact is UP (University of the Philippines), Ateneo, De La Salle and their like (Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge) are the friends of the drugs industry, and the CIA that runs the trade. Money talks, and the ranks of alumni want a return on their educational investment. The masses can go to the dogs as far as they’re concerned. If the cabal is calling in their rankers, programmed with so-called ‘education’, they all want to fall in, and do their duty to the system that created them. Humanity be damned.

The supposed caring for the underprivileged, claimed to be the aims of these establishments, is an inversion of the truth.

Keeping them in their place is the real agenda.



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