Duterte repeats his demands that the US military leaves the Philippines. Filipino dignity will be respected.

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Duterte comes back from Japan, the Philippines’ only free trade bilateral partner.  Many investment and infrastructure projects are now being planned.

He explains that he only spoke of trade and economic ties with China, nothing of military matters, or of the basing of troops in the Philippines.  He points out that Article 7 of the Philippines’ Constitution specifies an independent foreign policy for the Philippines, and it is time this article was complied with.

He explains how the Justice Secretary De Lima was personally distributing drugs within Filipino jails.  The 4 million addicts within the Philippines are the country’s biggest problem.  He says that as a result of the military connection with the USA, many police and generals were involved in the drug distribution business.  The wrecking of the country by drugs needs to be dealt with, or the country won’t survive.  Yet the international bodies like the UN, the EU are all threatening Duterte with legal consequences for the killing of drug dealers.

He repeats his demands that he wants the US military out of the Philippines.  If we are friends with China we don’t need military support.  If war is made the way to solve the world’s problems, humanity will not survive.  The 4 million drug addicts are already sick and dying, and the drugs war must go on.  The EU and the UN are threatening to withdraw aid to the country, if the war is not stopped.  Duterte says they are withdrawing the food from the mouths of the people trying to deal with a wild dog.  The Americans lived on the fat of the Philippines for 50 years as colonial masters.  They will have to deal with the new dynamics of ‘my country’.


I can lose the Presidency any time, if Congress were to oust me.  I can lose my life.  But I would never allow our dignity and honour to be just like a doormat in front of the international bodies.  I have ruffled the feelings of some.  Maybe we will have a lesser quality of life but we will survive.  But the dignity of the Philippines will be respected.


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